Australia’s haunted little village

The pictures are very interesting!

Paranormal investigators say these spooky ghost pictures prove this village is haunted

Paranormal investigators have been left dumbfounded by some aspects, but one thing they eerily agree on is that a well-known southside historical village is haunted.

But it is not a case of hearing ‘bumps in the night’ that has sent the blood cold, rather a series of ghostly photos taken in the buildings of the Beenleigh Historical Village which have caused the hair on the back of necks to rise and a chill to shoot down the spine.

Located in Logan, the village is made up of 20 heritage buildings filled with original items used by those who lived in the 1860s and onward.

Supernatural investigator and co-founder of ghost tour group Paranormal Project, Daniel Hohn, said visitors to and employees of the village had reported a number of supernatural experiences.

Ghost sightings, a self-playing piano, and visitors stating they felt “unsettled” are just some reasons why ghost hunters are interested in the 156-year-old museum.

Mr Hohn said an investigation was required but admitted early signs suggested paranormal activity.

An old man ‘appears’ in frame two of a building in the village. Photo courtesy of Ghost Riders

“Until a proper investigation is conducted I would have to say yes it is haunted but it needs to be confirmed,” he said.

“We have had a few interesting experiences there, we have heard a lot of stories there too.”

In addition, a series of eerie photos have surfaced showcasing what paranormal investigators claim to be ghosts at the village.

The spine-tingling images reveal the face of an old man in a bedroom window, a woman in a dress rushing through a hall, and a shadowy shape lurking through the village gardens.

However, photographic experts are less than convinced about the authenticity of the pictures taken by ghoul hunting group Ghost Riders.

Photo of a female “ghost” in the hallway. Photo courtesy of Ghost Riders

Griffith University photography lecturer Peter Thiedeke said the pictures showed irregularities.

“My first impressions are that there are some inconsistencies in the pixel spread that indicate that there has been manipulation,” he said.

“Although whether that involves the insertion of a ghost is speculation.”

Is this a ghostly figure or simply a shadow? Photo courtesy of Ghost Riders

Mr Thiedeke said creating fake ghost images was a simple and popular hobby among those with photo editing skills.

“It is very easy and quite fast, a few minutes for a simple exposure or up to a few hours for a complex composite image,” he said.

“I have students who make images like this regularly,” he said.

Beenleigh Historical Village and Museum CEO Rory O’Connor confirmed the village had been experiencing suspicious activity, however stopped short of declaring the site haunted.

“Since the village’s inception, we’ve had a lot of unexplainable things occur; shadows seen in buildings, a piano playing by itself, visitors experiencing strange sensations while exploring the grounds and more,” he said.

“Whether or not the village is occupied by spirits though is for the ghost hunters to find out.”

Paranormal Project recently operated its first ghost tour of the site with the sold out event funding more ghost hunting equipment to prove the claims.

A female ghostly vision in the hallway or digital editing trickery? Photo courtesy of Ghost Riders

The ghost tours are run in conjunction with Events with Spirits who run trimonthly psychic and mediumship shows from the village.

Edens Landing-based psychic medium Lysa Michel featured at the first event and said it was the perfect location to assist locals to contact loved ones who have passed away.

Mrs Michel said she and other local mediums hoped to help Logan residents who were seeking answers from lost family and friends.

“In some cases, people feel very lost and don’t feel comfortable going to a counsellor and psychologist and they come to us just once and they have the answers they are seeking,” she said.

“It gives the person clarity if they have questions, worries, or concerns left behind.”

For more information on the Beenleigh Historical Village ghost tour visit

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