Glowing ghost footprint?

You decide.


Paranormal investigators claim this ghostly footprint is of man who haunts an abandoned social club

The spooky image was captured during an investigation by Leeds Paranormal Investigators at the now disused Burley Sports Bar in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

Medium Yvonne Robinson, 45, said she had been communicating with the spirit when she suddenly felt a presence by her side.

Fellow ghost hunter Trevor Tye, 45, took a photo at that moment and was amazed to see a footprint appear next to Ms Robinson, which she claims has so far been unexplainable.

Ms Robinson, from Leeds, said: “We had heard lots of reports of things happening there, such as people being touched, a ghostly figure had been seen about there and chairs were often banged around with no one touching them.

“I’m a medium so I was sat at the table trying to communicate with whatever was there. We had set up people ready with cameras and also EMF (electromagnetic field) recorders to see if we could detect anything.

“This was why we had no electricity on so at the point the picture was taken there were no lights on or anything that could have made that footprint.

“The table was moving a lot. I’m quite used to things like that but some of the guests who had come along on the investigation were quite freaked out by it as they never seen that before.

Lots of people felt something, some people complained they couldn’t breathe properly

Yvonne Robinson, medium

“I like to debunk everything if I can. I am always sceptical at first with any ‘evidence’ we get, even though I am a medium.

“People bring us into their homes to investigate things that have been happening and sometimes there is simply nothing there so we have to tell them that.

“But there was definitely something there at this place. Lots of people felt something, some people complained they couldn’t breathe properly.

“The table moved and there were odd noises such as loud bangs when no one was making any noise.

“There was no explanation for what that could have been on the floor. I couldn’t understand it at all.

“If I can’t explain something then I do believe it was something paranormal. We had picked up the spirit of a little boy and a gentleman that night.

“We tried to reach out to both of them and I made contact with the little boy but the footprint was not him. It is too small and I had felt a large presence next to me around that time.”

While many of the eight guests on the investigation were unsettled by the picture and the unusual events, Ms Robinson remained unfazed.

She said: “I’ve done 250 or more investigations and have been seeing spirits for a long time so it is no longer so unusual for me.

“I’ve been doing this for 10 years and have seen some odd things, but this photo is one of those few unexplainable ones.”

Mr Tye, who took the photo and came over from York for the investigation, said: “Yvonne was picking up on a spirit. Nobody had torches on at the time, it was total darkness.

“It was a really great image to capture and no one could explain it at all.

“The fact it occurred just as Yvonne felt a presence next to her and was communicating with the spirit is what made it feel all the more like we had caught something special.”

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