Our review of the all-female Ghostbusters movie

Here’s what Tracy had to say:

When I started seeing Promo’s for the upcoming “Ghostbusters” movie, I have to admit that I was completely excited about the all-female cast. I must admit that I had my doubts after seeing all the banter back and forth on how this movie could possibly be a flop because folks weren’t buying into an all-female cast. As well as the many comparisons people tried to make against the first “Ghostbusters”, which of course stands all by itself as a classic.

Being part of an all-female Paranormal Group, that supports and promotes women as well as diversity in this field, we had to see if Director Paul Fieg and writer Katie Dippold, did us justice on the big screen. To our shock and amazement, this movie totally ROCKS in our book. Each of the female characters stood independently on their own and their chemistry with one another was undeniable.

It was funny, campy and the special effects were bar none, over the top. I appreciated they paid homage to the original with guest shots from Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson, Sigourney Weaver, Annie Potts and an appearance by Slimer were a definite treat. We raised a glass to the never forgotten Harold Ramis who lead this rambunctious group in the first installment.

For all of those naysayers out there who said it couldn’t work with an all-female crew should start eating crow now or wipe the egg of their faces. As of July 17, 2016, Ghostbusters has grossed $46 million in North America and $19.1 million in other territories for a worldwide total of $65.1 Million.

We look forward to seeing more women and racially diverse Paranormal Investigators at the forefront in the near future. Until then, The Atlanta GA Ghost Girls give this film 2 thumbs up and a hair flip!! Go see it!

Here’s what Jen had to say***WARNING SPOILERS***:

I was very uncertain about the new Ghostbusters movie. It had gotten a lot of flack before it was even released. The feminist in me said, well, misogyny, but there was another part that questioned if it was just a bad movie. I am here to say it is NOT a bad movie! First, let’s be honest: these girls aren’t going for Oscar gold. This is not the comedic version of “Howard’s End.” I think a lot of the hang ups are based on the original movie. It’s a cult classic now, but back in its release it was considered a flop. If you complete disassociate the original with the reboot, it’s a fine movie. It is not the high-brow Libertarian anti-government piece the first one was but neither was the sequels of the first one (you really think a Walking Statue of Liberty is anti-government? Cmon). Is the enemy men in this version? Well, the lead bad dude is a guy (as it was in the sequel to the original) and he inherits another dude’s body. Does that make the enemy all men? Not really. The asshole dean is a guy, and the “professional debunker” is a guy. But to be fair, they aren’t “enemies,” only bit players. Lets not forget that the original team had been kicked out of their lab in a university (except for Venkman who was doing weird talk shows- a similarity in this script as well). Another similarity is that of the role of the mayor. In the original, the mayor had no clue what to do with these guys (and who would?) and eventually his assistant has them locked in the mental asylum, but the mayor frees them. In this movie the mayor is a useless figurehead who tells the girls to knock it off (but once is proven wrong gives them serious funding). In the original big, evil government is the EPA and the smaller government is just a small obstacle. In the second one, the most you can say about the government is again, a small obstacle They tend to be a bigger obstacle in this version, with Homeland security and the Army getting involved. At any rate, the girls use the government’s green light to find “a very special” office space. They bring their original equipment and the car (which is a hearse).

A lot of criticism is about the characters and/or the politics of the movie. Let me give you a brief overview of how I feel about it: (1) politics are always bad. No one ever agrees, and those who disagree sling dirt at what they deem to be the opposing party. If you don’t like the movie, I’m not gonna call you a woman -hating misogynist. (2) The characters reflect how you feel about society as a whole (yeah got real deep real quick). For example, Leslie Jones left Twitter at one point because people were being… well, rude would be a horrible understatement and racist doesn’t even begin to cover it. I liked her character, and I didn’t find her to be a stereotype or cartoon. I liked that she had the missing pieces the scientists didn’t: a car, a working history of the city,  jumpsuits, and just general knowledge (“low blood sugar is a serious thing!”). A few people think Kristen Wiig is boring as a straight-face for McCarthy to bounce jokes off of but I find her much more lovable in this role, as I did in “Bridesmaids.” I can’t relate to her with her off the wall weirdness like she had on SNL. To be short and to the point: I AM “Holzie.” When Holzie says she could think of “seven uses for a cadaver today” Tracy turned to me and said “THATS YOU.” I didn’t argue. I do have a leather jacket and a Swiss army knife.

The movie isn’t perfect. There was some serious editing flaws and some predictability but overall, it’s a fun time. Just go and enjoy. There’s no need to overthink it.

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