A movie that proves the existence of ghosts?


CLEVELAND, Ohio – “The bottom line is, this film proves ghosts exist.”

Strong words from filmmaker Chad Calek. But the paranormal investigator thinks he has made the movie to back them up: “Sir Noface.”

The co-star and director of the  A&E Network reality series “Paranormal State” is bringing his new documentary to Cleveland on Wednesday, where he hopes to prove ghosts really do exist to Clevelanders at a special event and screening at the Agora Theatre, 5000 Euclid Ave.

“Sir Noface” is story of investigator Craig Powell, who was hired by the Australian government to substantiate or debunk a series of paranormal claims at Cockatoo Island, which served as a former convict prison before reopening as a state park. A two-year investigation, filmed by Calek, prompted Powell’s team to proclaim Cockatoo Island the most haunted location they had ever investigated.

Calek and Powell are both on the road with the Paramerican Tour. The event at the Agora, itself supposedly haunted, will feature Q&A sessions, paranormal presentations and the premiere of “Sir Noface.”

Don’t believe in ghosts? Calek said half the audience at the Detroit Paramerican Tour stop earlier this week didn’t either … until they saw his film.

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