Scottish Poltergeist House Gets FLOODS of offers to help

OFFERS to help the Rutherglen family experiencing a poltergeist attack have been cascading in.

Police investigating reports of disturbances at a house were left stunned when they witnessed apparent paranormal activity.

The officers witnessed clothes flying across a room, lights going off and when they went back on the lamp shades were upside down and oven doors opening and closing.

Even a chihuahua dog which was playing in the garden was then discovered sitting on top of a seven-foot hedge.

People across Scotland have been rushing to help the family.

Donna Swanson, founder of the Scottish paranormal investigations group Shadow Assassins, doesn’t call herself a medium but she can see, feel and hear dead people – and has even been assaulted by a spirit.

Her team, armed with the latest ghost-hunting gear, camp out in some of Scotland’s spookiest spots to record paranormal activity and have been involved in clearing private homes of their unwanted guests. It was during a stake out in Edinburgh’s Gilmerton Cove that she was punched in the back of the head by a disgruntled spook.

That spirit was angry at the group’s presence on its patch, setting off their equipment and attacking Swanson, who recognises that not all Caspers are of the friendly persuasion. She has been able to pick up spirits through people’s jewellery and more commonly these days, their mobile phones – a hotline straight to the spirit world – convincing even the stubbornest of sceptics of her skills.

Donna reckons that poltergeists – German for ‘noisy ghost’ – get a bad rap due to film and TV representations and is adamant that their energetic outbursts don’t always mean that they have evil intent.

Ghost Hunters Scotland is run by Alex Dorrens and they work as a team of paranormal investigators. Alex said his group is the perfect balance of technical knowledge, historical research, demonology, research and psychology, to the all-important ranges of psychic abilities – as well as a few sceptics for good measure.

They completed their first ghost hunt in July 2003, and have since been on over 100 investigations.

They have captured EVP recordings as well as visual anomalies on a custom built camera, which is also capable of capturing ultraviolet light.

Jason Love has been dealing with paranormal activity for 24 years, working on over 847 cases across the UK, Europe and USA. The story of the poltergeist attack in South Lanarkshire caught his eye due to the officials involved, saying: “The testimonies from the police strengthens the case that this was poltergeist activity.”

Working in his job as a psychiatric nurse, Jason knows that many of these incidents can be caused by medications. When he is asked to investigate activity – which he does free of charge – it is one of the first questions he asks.

Jason said that it is very rare not to have a child involved in these sorts of incidents: “Manifestations tend to be triggered most by prepubescent or teens going through puberty, because they are giving off the purest life energy. This is the life force which feeds poltergeists.”

TV show Most Haunted have also been in touch to investigate the situation.

Readers have also been sharing their stories on Facebook.

Jade Horton recalled her experience with the supernatural, saying: “Happened with me in my old house in Drumry, Clydebank. Throughout the night the mirror was flying of the wall. I left (the house) as my two-year-old couldn’t settle. He said he was cuddling ‘the man’.”

One reader, Fraser Purdle, said he experienced very similar sensations when staying in a hotel.

“I stayed in hotel in Elgin on business about 8 years ago and had some crazy stuff happen through the night in my room. Up until recently I’ve always said I couldn’t explain it but I always think logically.

“Around three months ago whilst chatting to a customer, when discussing Elgin and the hotel, he asked me if anything strange had happened. He and his wife had a very similar experience and as it happens the hotel is renowned for being haunted.”

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