Catching up!

First, again, I’m a schmuck. I would like to think I’m somewhat tech-savvy but I may have too many websites and not enough brain cells to keep them all separate and what not.

Second, I have no idea how to do historical research. I want to research the current small town I moved to last fall, and have very little to go on and even less idea how to find any good stuff. I was going to visit the historical society today but a virtual tornado (no joke) woke us all up this morning and downed trees were everywhere, and downtown was without power.

So to help keep you all up-to-date, here are the links to paranormal stories I feel like are worth reading.

Interesting ghost photo:

Ghost video:

Alleged dead kid in photo, maybe paradoilla:

Miami’s most haunted house is up for bids:

This summer you can investigate haunted Colossal Cave in Tucson:

Ghost Flies towards camera:

Ghost on film at a Detroit Brewing Co:

Bearded Pilot?

Ghost boy under the stairs:

Motion sensor camera captures blob owners are calling ghost:

Google Maps photog catches something:


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