East Moline, IL


The East Moline Public Library is, indeed, haunted, according to members of the Illinois Paranormal Research Group.

In September, the group conducted an investigation to find out if there was truth to the library having some permanent guests in the form of ghosts and spirits.

The findings were revealed Wednesday night in the basement of the library. Approximately 15 people were in attendance.

Video and audio presentations were shown that helped to support the group’s findings. The presentation will be posted online at the group’s Facebook page and YouTube page at youtube.com/user/ILPRG?feature=mhee.

In one audio clip, recorded in the children’s section, a member of the group asked if there was anyone in the room. A child’s voice could be heard responding … except there were no children in the room at the time of the recording, according to Lindsey Hines, of Moline. She has been a member of the group for 10 years.

One video clip showed a flashlight that was off, suddenly turned itself on and began to roll off the table.

Alice Groth, Department Head of Technical Services, said the library is definitely haunted. She said some staff even feel threatened by the spirits that roam the rooms and halls of the nearly 100-year-old building.

“There is a Native American girl down here, for sure,” she said. “There’s an old man that hangs out in the mystery section. He’s not mean though; our spirits are friendly.”

She also told the audience that one time she was sitting in the children’s section at her desk, with no one around, and a stuffed animal went flying across the room.

After the findings were presented, members of the group gave a presentation that talked about other sites members have visited over the years.

Emily Christenson, of Moline, has been a member of the group for two years. She said that spirits do sometimes want to leave the place they are, but fear crossing over. Others stay because they do not want to leave their property, or they want to send a message. Group members will do their best to help those spirits leave if they want to.

“A lot of them are loved ones checking in with their families,” Christenson said. “We go into each case with compassion.”

The group will sometimes bring guests to their investigations. An upcoming event at Quarters One, located at the Rock Island Arsenal, is very popular and sold out, Cheryl Torres, of Moline and a four-year member of the group, said.

In the spring, the group will travel to the Waverly Hills Sanitorium in Louisville, Kentucky, to check in with the spirits there.

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