“Haunted Live”

New paranormal show debuting September 14th. Once again starring our friends the Tennessee Wraith Chasers. The show is live, or live-streamed via Facebook if you will.

I’m conflicted on this one, guys. If something good happens, it could be seen as legitimate proof because with millions of pairs of eyes on the stream it is unlikely that a set up has occurred unseen from the viewing public. BUT, and here is where my hesitance lies, if nothing happens they’ve given fodder to every non-believer out there to say, “See, nothing happened.” Which is more likely. After all the years of investigations I’ve had rarely does something really cool happen. So it is my contention that nothing will happen. Often. For long periods of time. Unless of course its fake or faked.

Investigations are often compared to fishing: sometimes you sit for hours with nothing to show for it, sometimes the proof jumps into your lap without you trying.


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