Woman claims ghosts helped her solve a murder

Texas Murder Ghosts

You may have heard about the Magnolia Hotel in Texas. Its a pretty famous spot.

For almost 150 years, the murder of Emma Voelcker was a closed case: While sleeping in her New Braunfels home in the early hours of July 23, 1874, the 12-year-old was axed to death by William Faust, a family friend. Faust was tried and found guilty of the attack, during which he also mutilated his wife Helene who, although she survived, was blinded for life.

Most people at the time believed Faust had intended to murder his wife and that Emma was simply an innocent victim, killed to remove a potential eyewitness.

Recently, and with what she claims was help from the spirits of both Emma and Helene, author Erin O. Wallace-Ghedi, a self-proclaimed medium, says the verdict was wrong and that she has revealed the actual murderer.

Watch the video, make your own verdict 😉

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