Haunted Podcasts

Maybe you can’t read but you have a long ass commute (like yours truly). Time to listen to some podcasts


Haunted Places

Taking listeners to the creepiest and spookiest places on the planet, host Greg Polcyn gives insight to the most famous haunted locations. Every Thursday, with a blend of history and legend, Polcyn takes listeners on an audio tour of the real backstories of paranormal activities. Recent episodes include: “Palacio de Linares,” “Newstead Abbey” and “Harvey Public Library.”

Find it: https://www.parcast.com/haunted/

The NoSleep Podcast

Now in its 11th season, The NoSleep Podcast brings horror fiction to life with voice actors, sound effects and creepy music. Host David Cummings features original horror stories about nature, transformations and scary experiences that are meant for mature adults each week. Each episode features five creepy tales for listeners to enjoy. Weekly topics include searching for the missing, murders and terrifying dreams.

Find it: https://www.thenosleeppodcast.com/

Pretty Scary

If you want a more light-hearted look at scary things, comedians Adam Tod Brown, Caitlin Cutt and Kari Martin features stories about true crime, ghosts, aliens and mysterious phenomena. Each month the trio give listeners a humorous look at the truly weird experiences from around the world. Recent episodes include: “John of God,” “The Cleveland Strangler” and “The Chillicothe Six.”

Find it: https://unpops.com/pretty-scary-podcast

Here Be Monsters

Host Jeff Emtman helps listeners who are interested in facing their fears or facing the unknown break down the details of the scary experiences. From death rituals to hitchhiking, Emtman — along with contributors Bethany Denton and Nick White — pursue the feelings behind the things that scare or creep us out. Recent episodes include: “Fate’s Notebook,” “Breath Holder” and “Faraway Minds.”

Find it: https://www.hbmpodcast.com/



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