“Haunted Case Files”

I don’t recall seeing a single episode of this show but here’s 10 things you should know if you do watch it:

1. They say its not just ghosts, but also demons and other spirits. Unless you’re branching out into cryptozoology its all the same. Don’t be stupid by trying to be unique. You’re just undermining your own credibility.

2. They pull from allegedly real stories from actual paranormal investigators, which goes into

3. They use real investigators. Not one time thrill seekers or people who happened upon a spirit. Actual ghost hunters with real equipment.

4. They also use psychic mediums.

5. They have 3 stories per episode. That means either they keep it short and sweet or they got nothing.

6. They interview various participants.

7. They have the actual evidence from the real story.

8. They also use recreations.

9. Our House Media is the production company. They operate out of Toronto and I can guarantee you’ve seen their work before.

10. It’s on Destination America.

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