“Ghost Bait” is back

If you didn’t get the first incarnation back in 2010(ish) it’s back again. The tagline reads: “Using a shocking but effective method of isolation combined with sensory deprivation, the duo helps people overcome their fear of intense paranormal activity. After conducting their own paranormal investigation, Magill and Storer use their findings to elevate a client’s fear level and then use that terror as bait to draw out the entity and force a confrontation. By facing their worst fears head on, Magill and Storer believe the living can overpower the negative forces around them to reclaim their sense of peace and control.”

I wasn’t a fan in the first go-around and I don’t think I’ll be a fan this time. Here’s the bottom line for me anyway: The paranormal community is supposed to help. Not harm, or scare, or make things worse. Help. I can see no situation in which using a human being as bait and then scaring the absolutely hell out of them is helpful.

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