Ghost Adventures finds body parts in jars

A collection of jars containing human body parts and removed tumors was discovered on the property of the Crescent Hotel in early April, just after an investigation by the Ghost Adventures team on the property. The popular Travel Channel paranormal show referenced the jars, which were undiscovered at the time, in their investigation.

The jars were the property of Norman Baker, a “doctor” who purchased the property in 1937 and turned it into a health resort, claiming he had the cure for cancer. He treated a number of patients, but none were cured of the disease. Ghost Adventures lead investegator Zak Bagans explained Baker wasn’t a doctor, but a con man. He promised cures for tumors and other issues, removed the parts from the patient and expected high pay for his tactics. Many died in his care, spirits which Bagans said may not be at rest because of their anger against Baker.

For Bagans, the jar discovery is surprising, but believable. He told Newsweek coincidences like this are typical after the team visits a haunted location and communicates with spirits. “Whenever something like this is discovered, whenever things are found from beneath the ground like this, it can stir up additional activity,” he explained. “There was a lot of pain associated with those items. I just hope that what they do with those items, they handle them the right way. Those are sensitive pieces of people’s bodies that died horrific deaths. You could call it murder.”

The “Ghost Adventures” team in Eureka, Utah. Left to right: Billy Tolley, Zak Bagans, Jay Wasley, Aaron Goodwin. Travel Channel

Bagans explained Baker’s tactics. “He was taking mineral water from the springs there and mixing it with some things and just telling people that their cancer was curable when he was seeing it not working.”

The investigator had his own experience with what he said may have been Baker’s spirit, during the team’s overnight at the hotel. “When I was in the pain asylum and literally my head was in the sink, the spirit voice we got was a man saying, ‘You got credit?’ and it was crystal clear,” Bagans said. “And it was as if, [it said] ‘Do you have cash? Do you have credit?’ That’s what he was after, he was after people’s money. And a lot of spirits, they aren’t at rest. They know that they were promised, you know, a cure and they didn’t get a cure.”

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