Ring doorbell ghost?



The video, which has since been uploaded to YouTube, was filmed using a doorbell camera.

At the start of the unsuspecting clip, nothing appears out of the ordinary.

The camera is filming from the front door of a house and is looking out onto the street.

Trees in the background of the shot begin to move.

At 47 seconds into the footage, a creepy voice appears to say: “I’ll kill you.”

Paranormal YouTube channel Haunted AF uploaded the video only days ago with the caption: “Ghost Caught On Ring Says ‘I’ll kill you’.”

One viewer wrote: “I heard it. To me, it sounds much different from all the wind noise you hear before the 47-second mark.”

Another wrote: “I suggest burning your house to the ground and running as fast as you can.”

Essex: ‘Misty figure’ spotted in Stansted Mountfitchet


GHOSTLY: The chilling audio recorded a ghostly whisper (Pic: YOUTUBE)
But a third wasn’t as convinced, saying: “Sounds more like a dog’s bark.”

Click here to tune into Haunted AF’s podcast.

It’s not the first time a “ghost” has been caught on camera.

Weeks ago, a couple filmed “ghost’s feet walking” during their stay in a haunted house.

And one mum was convinced of ghosts existing after making a chilling discovery on a baby camera.

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