Zak Bagans Closes Haunted Rocking Chair Exhibit Due To Excess Paranormal Activity

OK drama queen, take it down a notch.

Ghost Adventures star Zak Bagans may have finally met his paranormal match. Bagans, who recently acquired a haunted rocking chair known as “The Devils Rocking Chair” for his famous Las Vegas Haunted Museum has been forced to shut down the terrifying exhibit.

According to TMZ several people began experiencing some pretty spooky events which began on May 28th, the opening night of the exhibit.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the chair, the rocker has eerie ties to the late paranormal investigator Lorraine Warren and the notorious “Devil Made Me Do It” case.

According to reports about half an hour before the Haunted Museum opened for the first tour group Bagans and a close pal noticed that the exhibit room door where the rocking chair was held slowly began to creak open all by itself.

Bagans also claims that the light on the chair suddenly went out and that the power cord was mysteriously yanked from the wall. However, the tour went on, but two hours later Bagans claims a woman one floor above the room where the chair was kept collapsed and began crying asking “Why is this happening to me?”

Oddly enough, Zak also claims that 5 of his tour guides also began crying uncontrollably. A few hours into opening night Zak claims that he was forced to shut down the haunted museum for the night stating the stress and tension was just too much.

Bagans feels that the strange events of the night have everything to do with the haunted rocking chair exhibit and he has decided to keep the exhibit closed until further notice.

This paranormal inconvenience has already hit Zak Bagan’s pocketbook. The Ghosthunter dropped $67k for the chair which is the focal point to the horror book believed to be the plot of “The Conjuring 3,” with Vera Farmiga returning as Lorraine Warren.

Now with the exhibit closed indefinitely, Haunted Museum tours could be sparse. However, if you don’t mind skipping the Haunted Rocking Chair exhibit there are still plenty of spooky items to check out.

Creepy exhibits include Ed Gein’s Cauldron, John Murrells’s preserved thumb, Charles Manson’s ashes, Peggy the Doll, and the infamous Dybbuk Box to name a mere few.

Paranormal fans will remember the Zak Bagans 2018 four-hour live Halloween special in which Bagans promised to open the evil Dybbuk Box on live television. Four hours of intense hype and build up, Zak decided not to open the box due to fears for his health.

Zak Bagans’ The Haunted Museum located in downtown Las Vegas.
The 11,000-square foot property built in 1938 was originally owned by Cyril S. Wengert, a prominent businessman. Through the years, hostile spirits have been rumored to roam the halls terrorizing past occupants, family members who passed away there whose energy remains. Long-time Las Vegans even claim dark rituals took place in the home’s basement during the 1970’s.

No one under the age of 16 is permitted inside the museum. 16 and 17-year-olds must be accompanied by an adult. Proof of age is required for all guests. All visitors are required to sign a waiver before entering the premises of the Zak Bagans Haunted Museum due to the fact that Management wants to ensure every visitor is aware of potential risks which could be caused by unseen forces.

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