Augusta, GA haunted house

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) — The 200-year-old building known as Ware’s Folly is home to more than just historic artwork. Paranormal investigators say ghosts live on the Telfair Street property too.

A Saturday night investigation concluded five spirits walk within the halls. Paranormal researchers completed ghosts test beginning at 8 p.m. through midnight. Middle Georgia Paranormal Investigations found 3 males and 1 female, but they’re unsure of the fifth ghost’s identity.

“They did see what looked like a person behind a door — just footsteps though,” said Gould Hagler, board president of the Gertrude Herbert Institute of Art. “The door was closed, and it looked like somebody was pacing back and forth. They could see underneath the door crack.”

Aside from ghosts, Ware’s Folly houses the Gertrude Herbert Institute of Art. Hagler said the institute helps the community by offering art programs to schools that would not have them otherwise.

According to Hagler, it was common for staff at the house to hear footsteps when no one was walking around, or seeing the train of a woman’s dress go around the corner.

“Even though I wasn’t present, I would not have been present for long because, according to reports, one voice just told them to ‘leave’ and as soon as I heard that I would’ve been out of here,” Hagler said.

Now that they’ve confirmed there are spirits, the institute has some things in mind for the whole community.

“The exciting thing about this is the opportunity for us to maybe host haunted dinners or lock-ins in the future,” Hagler said.

They hope even more people will come downtown to see a piece of Augusta’s history.

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