Chad Lindberg Returns to Ballinger

Lindberg is also a professional paranormal investigator and at one time had his own series titled Ghost Stalkers. He’s been to Ballinger once to visit the Olde Park Hotel for a paranormal investigation and will be returning on July 13th for his second paranormal investigation at the hotel. Lindberg had a near-death experience as child when he came down with a critical illness, “I don’t’ know if it (near-death) gives greater insight, but I think life and all of it is connected.”

Lindberg says that the paranormal started having an impact on his life when he was a child, “I’ve always had experiences since I was a kid. I’ve always been fascinated with what happens after our life is over. I think that there is a lot more to every day life than just what we see and experience. When you do have an experience, it makes you want to ask questions and find out more. The rabbit hole just keeps going. I watched Ghost Adventures, I studied their show, almost every episode, and reached out to them about 2013. I got to go on an actual investigation at an abandoned hospital.”

It is that first investigation that he says gave him his first physical contact with the paranormal, “From that night my whole life changed. I got scratched on my neck, I got my name called out in several instances and it really changed my life. From there I just started getting invited all of these great places to do paranormal investigations and then I had my own show, Ghost Stalkers in 2014.”

The show Ghost Stalkers was different than many paranormal investigations in that only Lindberg and one other person, John Tenney, went into haunted locations and would take turns staying in there places alone at night. They’d take a camera and have radio contact with each other but that was the extent of any contact other than the paranormal, “That was a profound life-changing experience.”

Lindberg says that he has also had physical contact on subsequent investigations. In one episode he and Tenney investigated the Springfield State Hospital in Maryland. Lindberg says that abandoned hospitals, asylums, old hotels and other places like them seem to be haunted more often than others. Lindberg says that he felt the physical presences and the touch of the paranormal spirits, “That place was insanely haunted. That place was interesting because in that episode I experienced 2 disembodied voices within 20 minutes. Then this woman laughed in my face and I physically fell down. It knocked me back about 10′. I went upstairs to call out to the spirits and heard a man moan back to me and I thanked him for reaching out to me, for sharing that moment. Nothing makes you feel more alive than dealing with the dead.”

Paranormal investigations push technology to new heights and development, “I love the toys. They definitely help in the communication and I think that the science behind it is really important. But the key is our own body, we have to pay attention to ourselves. Do we feel nauseated? Do we feel some kind of emotion? Do we hear their voices? They can tell me which way to go in an investigation. The spirits can actually give me a direction to go. I try to be a sponge to the energies around me. I like them to be able to use my energy as well me using theirs, it’s a give and take deal. I mean, it’s two worlds that are colliding at once and maybe we’re the ghosts to them. Maybe they hear our voices and jump around at the sound like we do. I hope when we pass that we get some answers. But in the mean time, this is just scratching the surface, but it’s fascinating.”

Coming back to Ballinger for a second investigation is something Lindberg is looking forward to, “I feel like I’m going somewhere and they’ll say something to me that startles me because they know things about me that no one else does and they’ll know my strengths and weaknesses. You can build great relationships with spirits and I’m going back a second time to the Olde Park Hotel because you can establish a rapport with the spirits. The place is incredibly fascinating and there is a lot going on there. Dan and Connie (LaFave, owners of The Olde Park Hotel) are great people and are big reason I want to go back. It’s a throwback to a wild, wild, west and has that vibe and it’s authentic, it’s real. Last time I was there, I chose an area off the main area and throughout the night I kind of was asking the spirits more and more questions. Other people were hearing the conversations. We got to where I was almost unnerved by the end of the night. That place is really haunted. I had petals thrown at me from down the hallway. It’s got a really good vibe.”

Dan LaFave said that they are excited to have Lindberg come back to the hotel, “We love how friendly Chad and other celebs have been. They enjoy and share the history and paranormal of the place with everyone and we love that they travel so far to spend time with local people and people who travel very far to come to Ballinger to visit. We love the friendship relationships we make and the fact that they just love the look and feel of Ballinger, the history of Ballinger, and the history of the hotel. It shows the whole friendliness of unique West Texas history of Ballinger and that everyone loves to come here and venture around.”

Lindberg says that many of the spirits he comes into contact with share some common ground, “Many of the spirits we come into contact with are tortured souls. Many of them experience pain and confusion. I feel for them. You go in and you can talk to them and there might be a room no one has been in for 30 years. You go in and your voice is the first one the spirits have heard in all of that time. You want and you hope that they are able to move on and you want to find out more about them.”

Lindberg says that he thinks everyone possesses the ability to contact the paranormal spirit world, “I think everyone has the ability to communicate but people get caught up in adult stuff and life situations. Being a skeptic is intrinsic to being human but I want people to come out and see what is going on, let me show them. I can help people who come out to these investigations tap in to those senses.”

He also spoke of how his investigations have evolved over the years, “The investigations have taught me about fear and myself. I get truly afraid and I’d call my mom before I’d go into these places because I didn’t know what was going to happen. But you learn about fear, about who you are and what your strengths and weaknesses are.”

One trait that Lindberg says is beneficial in paranormal investigations is being empathic, “I’m a very visceral person and that’s why I’m an actor. Going into these places, I give my all and they can give me their all if they want. It’s never a forced issue. It gives them and us validation. When a paranormal experience happens, you feel that magic, that excitement. It makes you want more. But sometimes it’s quiet and that’s OK and sometimes they want to come out and play and sometimes they all want to talk at once and that’s OK, too.”

Lindberg’s paranormal investigation of The Olde Park Hotel will be at 8 p.m. on July 13th. Tickets are available through the Olde Park Hotel Ghost Hunt Facebook event page. A ticket to the dinner before the hunt is $65. General admission tickets to the hunt are $99 and VIP admission is $150. You can also book your own ghost hunt at the hotel through The Olde Park Hotel Facebook page.

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