Ghost Adventures pisses me off again

I have a few issues with the show G.A. First, they managed to succeed off of “Fake it til you  make it.” When desperate times call for desperate measures just fake your evidence all over town until you get a show. I have a million articles that backs up how they got together (“Will work for movie”), how they faked the first piece of evidence (“one little brick started it all”), how they have managed to ruin other people’s ability to investigate (“The Zac Bagans Effect”), and to this day while no one knows what exactly happened to cause Zac to kick out Nick, I can prove to you that he (and Aaron, unfortunately) waited until the usual 5 year “do not speak of this”‘ contract clause expired and then began slamming him.  Again, I don’t know what happened but that’s a complete and total dick move. Nick was your friend and the least you could do is be a goddamned grownup and just continue to keep your mouth shut about him, especially if you have nothing nice to say and you have literally millions of people that hang on your every word. It’s not like they even addressed the issue, they just said they didn’t miss him, and the like. That’s not necessary. But that’s also not why I’m writing.

The website “The Wild Hunt- Modern Pagan News and Commentary” posted that Zac Bagans et al blamed a local witch community for demons in a haunted spot in Oregon.

Airing Sept. 23, the episode “Golden Ghost Town” finds the Ghost Adventures crew in an old mining town in southwestern Oregon. The old town, which is currently in a state park and being restored, is well-known for its hauntings, which the show labels as being demonic and “unleashed” by local Witches.

SMH. It gets worse but I’d like to really take a moment to shout out to The Wild Hunt for calling out the stereotypical narrative of many paranormal shows:

In these stories, a sacred space of some sort, as typically-defined by Catholic theology, is violated, misused, or abandoned, consequently attracting evil. In other cases, it is only the sacred that can save.

I have never seen a more concisely written slam of the church and BS ghost shows before now. *clap clap clap*

Let’s get back to where Bagans steps in it.

After experiencing an encounter at night in the abandoned Golden church, the archbishop [Cloud] and Bagans discuss “what might be feeding the malevolence that permeates the entire area.” Bagans asks Cloud, “Have you ever heard about this sanctuary out here in the woods somewhere that is very close to this? They do these rituals; I know it’s Witchcraft. It said Pagan rituals. Have you heard about this group?”

Cloud answers he has and that the Witches are all over, and that the ritual practices are “steeped in Witchcraft,” and that he is sure that “they are conjuring demons.” Another interviewee later confirms that by saying that she “knows” it is caused by the local Witches.

Honestly, I’m not even sure where to start on this pile of horse manure but let’s start with the truth: There really is a pagan retreat not far from where the GAC is filming. It’s called Free Cascadia Witchcamp, and, to no one’s surprise, they don’t want to talk to Dildo Bagans, which leads Bagans to wonder what they’re hiding! Oh, I don’t know- a healthy dose of no desire to be associated with Bagans and his show. For the record, there is zero confirmation he actually reached out to anyone at the camp.

Anyway, pagans and witches worship Mother Earth and believe above all: harm none. There is no way they are out there conjuring demons. Not a chance.

The article goes on to talk about how paranormal shows are all about traditional Catholicism or other form of Christianity and anything that is not, is… well, bad, and of course the only thing that save us is Christianity!

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