Haunted Hotel in Americus, GA

I’ve actually stayed there. Yes, on the third floor.

The spirits of past centuries dwell in historic homes and buildings throughout Georgia. From abandoned homes, asylums, inns and hotels, there is no shortage of creepy paranormal activity in Georgia that you can experience yourself. One of the scariest spots to experience the supernatural is at this certified haunted Georgia hotel, which is home to a murdered maid and her daughter who roam the halls.

The Windsor Hotel in Americus, Georgia was built in 1892 as a luxurious accommodation for celebrities and all those looking to escape cold winters up North. The spooky Victorian-era structure with towers, balconies and an elegant three-story atrium still stands as a Best Western Hotel, tainted by a history of murder. 

In the early 1900s, hotel housekeeper Emily Mae was in a heated quarrel with her lover while her young daughter Emma stood by her side. As the argument reached a peak of rage, Emily’s lover pushed her and her daughter down the elevator shaft where they fell three stories to their gruesome deaths.

According to countless visitors and employees, the loss of their physical beings are gone, but their spirits still remain. The third floor is where most of the spiritual action takes place.

It is rumored that you can feel Emma’s presence and hear her footsteps and whispers on the third floor hallway. Legend has it that you’ll also see the reflection of a woman in a long black dress in the third floor mirror.

Guests also report pots and plans flying off tables and lights mysteriously turning on and off. The spirits are so active that paranormal investigators have named The Windsor Hotel a certified haunted establishment.

Emily and Emma aren’t the only paranormal dwellers in the hotel; they are accompanied by former elevator and door man, Floyd Lowery, who is apparently still good at doing his job.

If you are brave enough to spend the night with these three spooky spirits, you can book your stay at your own risk. If that seems a little much for your soul to handle, you can take a haunted tour instead, where you can explore parts of the hotel not accessible to the public.

For more thrills and chills in Georgia, check out this abandoned house in Valdosta occupied by a dead doctor or this haunted jail crawling with prisoners’ spirits.

The Windsor Hotel

Price: Free!

Address: 125 W Lamar St, Americus, GA 31709

Why You Need To Go: To get guaranteed spooked by the company of murdered spirits at this certified haunted hotel.


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