Haunted St. Augustine

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. – We are less than 50 days away from Halloween, but if you’re adventurous and love a good ghost story, there are haunted places nearby that you can visit 365 days a year. 

St. Augustine, the oldest city in the United States, is known for its history. The city has faced war, diseases and hurricanes. 

The small town is also known for spirits, spooky tales and hauntings.

The Ghosts & Gravestones tour made a list of the most haunted places around town. 

1. The Old Jail – It is said that “painful moaning and chains rattling within the gallows where many prisoners were executed” can be heard by those who visit. Late-night visitors also have reported hearing heavy footsteps throughout the jail. 

2. Castillo de San Marcos – The Castillo de San Marcos was built between 1672 and 1695, making it the oldest and largest masonry fort in the continental United States. The fort was built to protect the city against foreign invasion. The fortress went through many battles. Spirits are said to roam around the fort on the inside and outside. Next time you take a photo at night, check for orbs or anything suspicious. 

The fort has been featured on many television shows including “Monumental Mysteries” and “Ghost Adventures.”

3. Spanish Military Hospital – Thousands of human bones were discovered during construction under the Spanish Military Hospital in 1821. Some say you can still hear voices. “Even before the remains were unearthed, workers and patients inside the hospital reported an evil spirit roaming the wards,” Ghosts & Gravestones said. 

4. Huguenot Cemetery – All cemeteries are creepy, right? Visitors report capturing orbs and ghostly silhouettes on camera here frequently. The Huguenot Cemetery dates back to 1821 when the city needed a burial ground for those who were not Catholic. This place of rest is considered a hotbed of paranormal activity.  

5. St. Augustine Lighthouse: The 1874 St. Augustine Lighthouse tower has been featured on “Ghost Hunters” and is known for paranormal activity and spooky tales. Some say they still see lighthouse keeper Mr. Andreu, who fell to his death while painting the tower in 1859. 

You can hit most of these places in one night with the help of Ghosts & Gravestones tour. You can also do a walking tour with other tour guides. 

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