10 Haunted Roads in India

We are sure you’ve heard a story about someone having spotted a lady in a white sari while driving late at night. There are numerous versions of this story. While some have seen her running at the speed of their vehicle, some claim her feet were reversed and some even say that she had a baby in her arms and she was bleeding. Well, there are numerous stories about ghost spotting on the highways. Here are some roads in India which are most prone to such spooky incidents. If you consider yourself a daredevil and want to challenge those who have witnessed eeriness here, you must drive down these roads late into the night. Be warned though, it’s extremely risky!

1. Kasara Ghat, Mumbai Nashik Highway

1 Kasara Ghat

Kasara Ghat situated on the Mumbai-Nashik Highway is said to be haunted and lots of people have had their share of paranormal experience here. People claim to see an old headless lady here, accompanied by hysterical laughing. The Ghat has seen many accidents and has been used as the dumping ground of murder victims, so a lot of restless souls haunt Kasara Ghat.

2. Blue Cross Road, Chennai


There have been numerous suicides on this lane and is considered one of the most haunted lanes in Chennai. The road is canopied with trees; hence it’s cut off from light even during daytime. At nighttime, it’s even worse! People have spotted a human-like (but scary) creature walking down the streets here.

3. Kashedi Ghat, Mumbai Goa Highway

3 KAshedi Ghat

It’s not just the Kashedi Ghat on Mumbai Goa Highway that is considered haunted, but the entire highway itself is! This road is home to flesh loving witches, who are hungry for blood, flesh and meat. People claim to have been scratched on their face, back and neck here. What more! Victims claim that their car came to a halt abruptly and non-vegetarian food disappeared from the vehicle. You are advised not to carry any non-vegetarian food in your car if you are driving here!

4. Eastern Express Highway, Thane


The Thane stretch of Eastern Express Highway is said to be haunted by a neck-cutting ghost. Apparently, the spirit walks the highway with his arms outstretched and moving. If anyone happens to cross his path, his arms cut the victim’s neck!

5. Delhi Cantonment Road

5 Delhi-cantt

The Delhi Cantonment Road is believed to be haunted by a lady in a white sari. A lot of drivers have seen her run at the speed of their vehicle. She generally waits by the roadside and asks for a lift. Well, if you are driving through this road, you certainly know not to halt your car!

6. Igorchem Road, Goa

6 Igorchem

Igorchem Road in Goa is considered so haunted that locals avoid it during the daytime too! It is situated behind the Church of Our Lady of Snow. A lot of evil spirits haunt this road and anyone walking here between 2 pm to 3 pm stands the most chances of getting possessed. One can hear footsteps while walking here when nobody is actually in sight!

7. East Coast Road, Chennai


East Coast Road between Chennai and Pondicherry is loved by many, given to its scenic beauty. But as they say, beauty is often accompanied by a dark side and so, ECR has its share of spookiness. People claim to have seen ghostly apparitions here, mainly a lady in white.

8. Johnson & Johnson Road, Mulund, Maharashtra

8 Johnson

The Johnson & Johnson Signal at Mulund is one of the centers of paranormal activity. Not only does a lady in white sari haunt this lane, but numerous accidents have also occurred here, especially on New Moon nights. While most accidents are fatal, those who survived to tell the tale said that they were only trying to save a lady in white and that’s the last bit they remember!

9. Sathyamangalam Wildlife Sanctuary Corridor, NH209, Tamil Nadu

9 Sathya

The stretch of National Highway passing through Sathyamangalam Wildlife Sanctuary is said to be the most haunted road in Tamil Nadu. It used to be the home of legendary Indian bandit Veerappan. People have heard screams here and have even seen floating lights. It’s believed that the bandit himself haunts this road!

10. Marve and Madh Island Road, Mumbai

10 Madh

People have spotted a lady in her bridal wear on this stretch of road in Mumbai. One can also hear screaming in the backdrop. Sometimes, the eerie silence is broken by the tinkling of her anklets. A back story to the ghost here suggests that the lady was betrayed by her husband. Apparently, he took her for a drive, sped the car in front of a truck and he jumped out of the car, leaving his wife to die!

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