5 UFOs and 3 Ghosts


THERE have been five reports of UFO sightings across Lancashire in the past 12 months.

The Lancashire Telegraph submitted a Freedom of Information request to police asking how many reports they have had of unidentified flying objects between 2017 and 2019.

In total there have been 15 calls about UFOs with five each year.

Meanwhile, statistics show there were three reports of ghosts to police this year which is down from eight last year and six in 2017.

Roy Moore, from Darwen, has the latest sighting. He saw a mysterious ‘black triangle with lights’ when he was driving through Rishton at 4.50pm on December 16.

The 51-year-old said: “I am a sceptic and do not believe in these things.

“But we were driving from Rishton to Accrington down a country road and saw a triangular shaped object about the size of a bus.

“As we got closer it had blue lighting under it and it slowed down.

“It was not a helicopter or a drone as we could not hear anything.

“Then as we got underneath it, it flew off. I thought it was a helium craft but left a haze after it. I just wanted to know what it was.”

Tracy Stevens, from the Lancashire Paranormal Investigation Team group which investigates ghost and UFO sightings, said: “The number of sightings doesn’t surprise me – lots of people contact us.

“But in the case of UFOs lots have sent us pictures and when you look at them they are often drones or military testing.

“Lots of people say the have seen a spirit or ghost but after five years of looking into this it’s not something that often happens.

“My theory is parallel dimensions.

“One thing that is strange is that over the past few years there have been far more sightings of what people believe to be UFO and ghosts.

“Recently one of my team members has seen two on different occasions which is rare.

“In the time I have been doing it I have heard things I can’t explain but I’m yet to see a spirit.”

The Lancashire Paranormal Investigation Team started in 2015 and there are 4,500 people on its Facebook page and nine team members.

Tracy added: “We have investigated Samlesbury Hall, Lancaster Prison, 30 East Drive in Accrington and the Ram Inn, Cliviger.

“We have done a lot of home investigations for the public who think their house is haunted.

“For me the most haunted location was definitely Warner Street in Accrington.

“We were contacted by a lady who has since died about some strange activity in her and her friend’s shop and the street.

“We never expected to see or get the evidence that we did.

“The street has ley lines running below it. Most places have two but this area has four. Ley lines tend to attract spirit and this is one area that has.”

To find out more information then you should check out the Lancashire Paranormal Investigation Team on Facebook.

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