This footage seems to show the ghost of a young man floating past one of the North East’s most haunted buildings.

That’s according to one paranormal expert, who visited Vane Tempest Hall at Halloween – and was left spooked by what she discovered.

Over the years, blood-curdling screams have echoed around the Grade II-listed Durham venue, which is reportedly built on a mass grave.

Ouija boards have previously been used by paranormal investigators to try to work out what exactly makes things go bump in the night at the 165-year-old former smallpox hospital.

Its eerie history convinced Suzanne Gill to spend two nights there over Halloween.

Fortune teller Suzanne Gill at her studio in Old Eldon Square
Fortune teller Suzanne Gill at her studio in Old Eldon Square (Image: Sunday Sun)

On October 31, she claims her team – Gill Investigations – heard everything from mystery footsteps to clattering.

The next night, footage shot just five minutes after they arrived showed what Suzanne, a professional medium, claims is the “shadow” of something which is perhaps not of this world.

“What the team caught is a ghost coming out and walking towards the courtyard,” said Suzanne, whose spooky skills resulted in regular appearances on Alan Robson’s Night Owls.

“That was a young man, I could tell straight away as he was walking. I would say he was in his early 20s.

“You can see the body’s movement and body language. I just know it is a young man as would any person in connection with spirit.”

And she’s not alone.

Vane Tempest Hall In Durham (Image: newcastle chronicle)

On her Facebook page, which has over 90,000 followers, some of Suzanne’s fans claimed they too could see the presence. One branded the clip an “amazing capture”.

Others were more skeptical. One wrote: “I keep watching – I can’t see it”.

For Suzanne, the proof is in the footage – and she claims the two-night investigation was full of spine-tingling encounters.

“On the first night, a little boy with a military uniform kept popping his head out and he could be seen with the naked eye,” claimed Suzanne, whose encounter with another youngster’s spirit made headlines 15 years ago.

At a charity night at the Wheatsheaf pub, in West Boldon. Suzanne heard screams.

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