Iberian Rooster Haunted


ST PETERSBURG, Fla. (WFLA/CNN) – A Tampa Bay-area restaurant is serving spookiness all year because employees there say it’s haunted.

The restaurant serves colonial Portuguese fusion, but some customers don’t appear to be a part of the living world.

Jennifer Sagedy, the bar manager at Iberian Rooster, says she’s seen orbs inside the building, and she’s not the only one who has had an encounter with the paranormal.

“I’ve had ex employees actually see figures walking around,” Sagedy said.

She said even when she’s alone in the restaurant, especially in the basement, she feels as though something or someone is watching her every move.

“You definitely feel there’s something down there – like almost like a presence down there,” she said.

It’s not just a feeling: The spirits may have been caught on camera. Surveillance video inside the restaurant shows a pastry dish mysteriously pushed off the counter.

Those with the Iberian Rooster wanted to know if they are not alone or if it’s something else that caused the dish to fall.

They brought in experts to find out if a haunting is on their menu.

“We’re catching something as soon as we walk in the door it seemed like,” said Liz Reed, co-founder of the Paranormal Society of Bradenton.

Reed conducted an overnight investigation at the restaurant, coming prepared with equipment like thermal cameras and a REM-pod.

She showed how a REM-pod will make a noise and light up when something gets close or touches it.

In the middle of filming, the REM-pod went off.

“We’re setting up equipment that was going off right away like someone was walking up and touching it,” Reed said.

Reed searched every corner of the restaurant and even the basement for evidence of spirits, and claims she felt the most energy near the stairs.

“We drained a lot of batteries while our tablet dropped, you know drained. The tape recorder shut off on us while we were tape recording, so that’s usually the spirits draining the battery power,” Reed said.

What is the verdict from this investigation?

“We know that there’s some activity going on. We just want to figure out who and what it is,” Reed said.

She believes there is evidence of paranormal activity in the restaurant, but that they aren’t confined to just this specific space, rather the entire block.

“A couple of shootings, couple of stabbings, not particularly within this restaurant, but within the radius of it,” Sagedy said.

Sagedy claims there’s no amount of spooky evidence that will drive her away.

“I don’t feel like it’s evil. I just feel like they’re just here and it kind of does work around them and work together,” she said.

The restaurant embraces the ghost, even advertising it on its website.

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