Melbourne Ghost Tours

10 Blood-Curdling Ghost Tours In Melbourne You’ll Never Forget

Nothing gets hearts pumping like exploring a haunted hotel, an abandoned morgue, or a creepy cemetery in the dead of the night. If this sounds like your definition of fun, pack your bags and take a trip to Victoria’s capital. Despite being a lively, thriving metropolis, Melbourne has a reputation for being the country’s most haunted city. Its rich history and old neighbourhoods are perfect haunts for ghosts and other supernatural entities.

Here are the best ghost tours in Melbourne, ranked based on the likelihood of experiencing paranormal activity, user reviews, and educational value.

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10. Hotel Esplanade In St. Kilda

Your search for “ghost tours near me” should end with the Hotel Esplanade. Located in the heart of Melbourne, this newly reopened establishment is a haunted destination that’s only a short drive away. Despite being a fully operational hotel, the spirits of those who died in the property still wander its halls.

Price: $22.5 (or $AUD33)

Join a tour with Bo Svoronos.

9. Eynesbury Homestead

Visit the Stoughton family country home and learn about the stories of murder and betrayal that the property has witnessed. You’ll see a haunted lake, abandoned stables, a spooky meat room, and other dark and dangerous nooks in the 20,000-acre lot.

The 90-minute tour starts with a two-hour dinner at a fully licensed restaurant on-site. Just be sure to keep the food down once you start exploring the gut-wrenching sites.

Price: $51 (or $AUD75)

Visit the place with Lantern Ghost Tours.

8. Altona Homestead

Go on a bone-chilling tour in one of Australia’s oldest homesteads. On quiet, chilly nights, locals believe you can feel the presence of Alfred and Sarah Longhorne, the property’s original owners. Explore each room of the abandoned house while listening to the owners’ heartbreaking story.

Guests are given equipment to conduct paranormal investigations. As you’re left to wander in the homestead’s historic courtyard and kitchen, don’t be surprised if you hear footsteps, catch a whiff of smoke, or feel something brushing against your skin. Several sightings have been recorded in the property, after all.

Price: $24.5 (or $AUD36)

Visit the area with Lantern Ghost Tours.

7. Point Cook Homestead

Stop by Point Cook Homestead for a terrifying treat. This country home is located at the end of a long, isolated track, so you’ll have nothing but moonlight to guide your way as you walk through the property.

Notorious for being one of the places with the highest levels of paranormal activity, Point Cook is perfect for thrill-seekers who are looking for a real scare.

Price: $25.5 (or $AUD36)

Book a tour with Lantern Ghost Tours.

6. Ballarat Cemetery

Hear spine-chilling tales of death and disease while exploring Australia’s Gold Rush cemetery. You’ll visit a mass grave of more than 10,000 miners and learn the stories behind their demise. The tour also includes a visit to the Chinese and Jewish burial grounds.

Price: $18.75 (or $AUD27.50)

Explore the area with Eerie Tours.

5.  Williamstown, Victoria

Whether you’re a sceptic or a believer, you’ll find yourself enjoying a tour of old Williamstown. Listen to riveting stories about the historic neighbourhood, like the legend of an infamous surgeon who caused more deaths than the number of lives he saved. You’ll also learn about an opera singer whose spirit is said to be lingering in the area.

This tour includes a visit to Victoria’s oldest and most haunted morgue. You’ll also explore haunted buildings that are not usually accessible to the public. This is perfect for those who are looking to experience the more sinister side of Melbourne.

Price: $24.5 (or $AUD36)

Visit the area with Lantern Ghost Tours.

4. Old Melbourne Gaol

Built in the mid-1800s, the Melbourne Gaol was made to hold dangerous criminals, the homeless, and the mentally ill. It was the scene of 133 hangings, including the infamous bushranger and convicted police murderer, Ned Kelly.

This is one of the most educational haunted tours in Melbourne. Learn about the lives of the people who lived and died here about two centuries ago.

Price: $26 (or $AUD38)

Visit the location with the Hangman.

3. The Beechworth Asylum

No list of ghost tours in Melbourne is complete without including a tour to the Beechworth Asylum, one of Australia’s most haunted locations. You’ll learn about the psychiatric facility’s hair-raising history, including the gruesome stories of its former patients.

Most reviewers report feeling the presence of supernatural entities in the building. If you book the paranormal tour, you’ll be given an Ovilus, a mechanical device that allows the user to communicate with the dead. Prepare lots of questions—these “friendly” spirits have a lot of interesting information to share.

Price: Ghost Tour – $30.70 (or $AUD $45); Paranormal Tour – $40 (or $AUD $60)

Visit the place with Asylum Ghost Tours.

2. J Ward Lunatic Asylum

Entering the J Ward Lunatic Asylum is like walking in a horror film set. You’ll visit a haunted gravesite, a creepy bathroom, and a museum featuring artifacts from the facility’s past. Prepare to encounter many spirits still trapped inside the asylum’s walls.

Price: $25 (or $AUD36)

Enter the asylum with Lantern Ghost Tours.

1. Pentridge Prison

Walk in the footsteps of some of Australia’s most infamous criminals when you join one of the best ghost tours in Melbourne. You’ll visit the prison cell of Ronald Ryan, the last man to be executed in the country. You’ll also see the cells of notorious gang members Chopper Reed and Squizzy Taylor.

With  44 bodies buried on-site, it’s no surprise that the location is haunted by otherworldly beings. Those who book the 3-hour paranormal tour will be given the equipment to make contact with those beyond the veil. Not scary enough for you? You’re welcome to stay overnight.

Price: 90-Minute Tour – $32(or $AUD48),  3-Hour Paranormal Tour – $67.5 or ($AUD99), Overnight Paranormal Investigation – $125 (or $AUD184)

Discover the prison’s mysteries with Lantern Ghost Tours.

Before You Start Ghost Hunting…

Book any of the ghost tours in Melbourne ahead of time. Some destinations, like the Haunted Bookshop or the Hauntville Haunted House, may not be available. Prior to confirming your reservation, you should read the tour operator’s policies, as some of them don’t allow minors or children.

On the day of your tour, be sure to arrive at the designated meeting place on time. Check the weather forecast and dress appropriately, especially for tours that are held outdoors.

Once you’ve ironed out all the details, put on your bravest face and join one of the haunted tours in Melbourne. Time to get spooked!

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