Kindred Spirits and the Conjuring House

I almost just deleted this article and skipped over it because the nonsense associated with the Conjuring House is just beyond ridiculous. But then Amy Bruni said this:

Amy Bruni: I think it’s really important for the world to know, and for us to get the word out, that Bathsheba had nothing to do with that house. She was never convicted as being a witch. She never committed the crime she was accused of. Her gravestone has been defaced to the point where they can’t even put her grave in the cemetery anymore. You won’t even hear the name Bathsheba during our investigation because she had nothing to do with that house.

Adam Berry: People are going to be very surprised at what we find. Focusing from the ground up, going in neutral, using our research and our history and just starting from scratch was a better thing than being influenced by folklore and legend.

Finally! Someone with a national platform said it! Maybe now others will listen!

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