10 Scientific Explanations for Hauntings

Chances are you have heard that a particular house in your town or even in your neighborhood is haunted because of an unexpected death happening or for some other reason. Therefore, you have been told to either stay away from that house or to see it at your own risk. However, is there actual proof that the house is haunted?

Are ghosts and spirits even a thing? That is something that is not easily determined because it cannot really be proven. However, there are scientific reasons behind many instances of paranormal activity. Listed below are 10 examples of those reasons which will end up making a lot of sense at the end.

10 Infrasound

infrasound screen

Infrasound is a sound that cannot be heard by humans but may be picked up by certain animals. However, even though these sounds are not audible to the human ear, they can be felt. The effects of infrasound have been known to trigger many intense feelings such as anxiety as well as those chills going down the spine. Therefore, it is understandable that anyone that encounters infrasound would be the ones to say I just have a strange feeling about this area and I bet it is haunted.

Infrasound can be emitted through volcanic activity, wind, the ocean, and even by elephants.

9 Electromagnetic Fields

EMF towers

Electric magnetic fields or EMF are produced by electrical charges moving around and that what microwaves, televisions, radio, and mobile phones need in order to operate. EMF could be a reason behind hauntings. The late neuroscientist Michael Persinger determined that EMF exposed to the temporal lobes of the brain could result in paranormal experiences.

That could be the cause of people feeling some kind of presence being in the same room as well as even being touched. That means that there is a good chance that a spirit is not even in the room. If the mobile phone, television, and microwave are being used at the same time, that could be the reason instead.

8 Mold

Anyone who is sensing that their creepy basements may be haunted may want to hire a restoration company to detect whether or not there are any harmful types of mold. Studies that have been conducted have found that certain types of toxic molds can alter the state of the brain. Symptoms such as hallucinations and extreme paranoia have been found to be connected to bad air quality and mold.

However, there would have to be a lot of the toxic mold in the area for it to have an effect. Given this fact, it is difficult to know whether some old buildings are truly haunted or are filled with mold that causes people to believe that being the case.

7 Carbon Monoxide Poisoning


Another scientific reason that many old houses have been reported to have hauntings is due to carbon monoxide leaks. It is a known fact how deadly that dangerous gas can really be. It is not a surprise that the poisonous gas that leaks will alter the brain as well and cause hallucinations and delusions. People can feel things that don’t exist as well.

The hosts of This American Life conducted an interview with toxicologist Albert Donnay who confirmed that this is the case. However, newer homes are not immune to those leaks. It is critical to have furnaces checked each year to make sure that they are functioning properly.

6 Sleep Paralysis

Everyone has that story where they wake up but cannot move, talk, and feel as if they are being crushed by a creepy dark presence in the room. That is sleep paralysis and that is one scientific explanation for a frightening paranormal experience. According to WebMD, sleep paralysis happens when anyone wakes up before the rapid eye movement (REM) part of their sleep cycle is over.

REM is the deepest part of the sleep cycle when dreams happen and the body releases a hormone to temporarily paralyze the body so dreams are not acted out. However, sometimes people wake up before that cycle is finished which is why they cannot move and hallucinate.

5 Exploding Head Syndrome


The term is not nearly as bad as it sounds, however, exploding head syndrome is a phenomenon when a person is falling asleep or waking up, they hear a loud sound. The sound is quite frightening and this is a sleep disorder that is similar to nightmares or night terrors.

Some people may also experience flashes of bright lights in addition to the noise. The experience is shocking enough to jolt them awake regardless of whether they are falling asleep or waking up. It happens in between sleep cycles as well which means someone could be jolted awake by it after only getting three hours of sleep and will be afraid to fall back asleep after that.

4 Chronic Sleep Deprivation

sleep deprived man with two cups of coffee

Everyone has had a sleepless night here and there, however, there are a few people who suffer from chronic insomnia. When those sleepless nights add up, many health problems begin to creep up. The main reason that sleep is needed each night is due to the fact that the body needs to rest, recharge, and repair itself.

One of the serious effects of chronic sleep deprivation is becoming delirious and having hallucinations because of the negative effects that a serious lack of sleep has on the brain. Sleep-deprived people often talk about seeing ghosts and spirits, and other things that are not there because of the fact that they are extremely exhausted.

3 Influence Of Drugs

man sleeping in bed

It is a known fact that drugs and alcohol can alter the state of the mind. However, some types of drugs and substances are stronger than others. Most illegal drugs such as LSD, high doses of THC, and ecstasy will have a major impact on the brain and will reduce the individual’s ability to function. It is not a surprise that they are psychedelic drugs. Therefore, it is not a surprise that those who have taken too many drugs will hear voices, see things, and feel things that are not there.

Drugs are a cause of people having ghostly experiences due to the influence of the drugs on the mind.

2 Because Someone Else Said Ghosts Are Real

haunted sign on the door

Never underestimate the power of suggestion as well as social influence. If someone says that something is real such as ghosts, then those who are listening will believe them and think that ghosts are real as well. In fact, a study that was conducted at Goldsmiths, the University of London in 2014 by psychologists, has confirmed this to be true.

Participants were told to watch a video of a psychic using their mind to bend a mental key. The participants who were directly working with the psychologists stated that they saw the key bending as well even if in reality, it did not.

1 The Power Of Belief

haunted house

Sometimes people just believe that ghosts are real due to that very fact it is a belief. And what motivates their belief is the notion that there is life after death. It is a comforting belief considering that many people have a fear of death due to the fact that it is tied to the unknown. And the uncertainty of any kind does make many people very uncomfortable.

Therefore if people convince themselves that ghosts are real because there really is life after death, then that is a big reason behind some paranormal experiences.

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