Is your house haunted?

I found an article explaining how to explore and investigate your own house.

DO NOT and I really can’t stress this enough DO NOT INVESTIGATE YOUR OWN HOUSE.

Lawyers almost never represent themselves and ghost hunters don’t investigate their own homes. Its just a bad idea.

First, there is just no way you can separate your bias in your house. Every inch likely has a memory of some kind, every stain, every gash and tear and rip. Its wear the dog was a bad puppy or wear Junior took his first steps. If grandmas vase falls and breaks you may think its grandma when its really someone else but you can only remember grandma in that moment.  You just can’t be unbiased in your own home. You can’t.

Second, what if you find something? Are you going to move? Can you move? Are you going to tell anyone? If its a not so friendly ghost and you have an EVP saying it wants to kill you but you can’t afford to move you’ve really set yourself up for failure.

Third, if you look for something you’re likely to find something. Then you’ll have whatever it is that you found floating around your brain at 2 a.m. and you’ll jump every time the wind blows or the house settles.

Fourth, if you don’t know what you’re doing and you investigate you could be doing more harm than good. You could be inadvertently inviting things in that you had no intention of bringing into the house. You could be irritating and agitating whatever is already there. What if it WAS grandma but now you’ve invited the devil in so she’s long gone now?


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