Las Vegas Pioneer Saloon

Sin City and its surrounding areas are rich in both history and spooky happenings. The Pioneer Saloon in Las Vegas is the perfect place for a ghost hunt. With plenty of spirits still hanging around to visit the living, you’ll get to experience the paranormal firsthand.

The Pioneer Saloon was built in 1913 and many of the things you find inside have been there since it opened. You can even sit on a stool at the counter and rest your feet on the brass bar that has been there for over 100 years.

Though it is currently only open for takeout, regular business hours allow you to visit Monday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

There is a lot of eerie history surrounding the historic bar. If you wander around the old saloon, you can see bullet holes from a bar fight that broke out over a game of cards.

The victim’s spirit is said to still haunt the place. If you are lucky, (or unlucky, depending on your opinion) you might catch a glimpse of him while you enjoy a drink.

Employees have heard a woman crying and popular TV shows have filmed documentaries where they witnessed spectral happenings. Terrifying? We think so.

To add to the already spooky history, several other ghosts are said to haunt the building.

After all, the Pioneer Saloon is one of the oldest (still standing) bars in Nevada, which makes it a good contender for spirit activity.

You can take photos under the bullet holes that missed the unlucky card players or peruse the newspaper clippings of the famous actor who waited to hear news of his ill-fated love at the saloon.

The outside of the building looks harmless enough, but the stories and sightings from employees will have you more than a little spooked.

After all, there’s nothing like angry ghosts to liven up a good cocktail, right?

Pioneer Saloon

Price: Free

When: Monday to Sunday, 11 a.m-6 p.m.

Address: 310 N Fayle St., Jean, NV

Why You Need To Go: You might be able to catch a glimpse of a ghost while sipping a cocktail at this haunted bar in Nevada.


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