My house has a ghost- updated

I won’t say it’s haunted because that seems to suggest that I have had interaction with it, and its trying to get my attention. As far as I can tell, it’s just a case of weird stuff happening. I have a newer house, built in the last 15-20 years or so with absolutely no “spooky” history. It could be an object or the land or maybe even a family member. Or just some random dead person. I am also abiding by rule #1 of the paranormal investigator handbook: DO NOT INVESTIGATE YOUR OWN HOME.

At first it was noises like someone going up or down one of our flights of stairs. They all creak so it’s pretty obvious. The ones outside on the deck make a thumping noise, I used to think it was the dogs but it never was. I thought it was my husband walking up the stairs to the bedroom but it wasn’t. The ones to the basement are by far the loudest. I never know who is there. I can tell you the worst incident so far happened down there.

I had 3 dogs when I moved into this house. 2 have since passed (nothing mysterious or evil) and my third old guy is hanging in the best he can. When I was down to 2 dogs, they were in the basement barking. I have a dog door so they can come and go as they please. This wasn’t their normal “Let me out” bark anyway. It was more like a “hey what’s up!” bark. Dog parents probably know what I’m talking about; just like babies have different noises for crying dogs have different noises for barks and they all mean different things from “hey who are you” and “I have to pee” or “I want to play!” This was kind of a cross between “hey!” and “I want to play.” Since I knew it was a weird bark I got nervous thinking either some form of animal (cat, raccoon, etc) had gotten in through the dog door, or someone had come in my basement. I tried to creep down the stairs but again those stairs creak loudly. I stayed silent and hid in one of the rooms adjacent to the dogs. I heard a man say “shh!” and my blood ran cold. I looked around the corner and saw no one. I saw both my dogs standing across from each other looking up as if someone had something in his hands and was holding it up for each of them. I ran upstairs, convinced someone was in the basement even though I didn’t see them. The stairs are LOUD so I figured he had to have heard me and took off out the back. I looked out the window and no one ever left. I grabbed a gun off the mantle and I was in a serious cold sweat. I don’t want to have to shoot at someone in my house. I went back downstairs, the dogs were back to normal. Still no sign of anyone anywhere down there. I didn’t know what to do. I did nothing.

Stuff falls randomly. I got up early one morning and snuck quietly downstairs. In the next room, from the top of the fridge, a bottle of hot fudge falls to the floor. This morning I woke up and a figurine on my shelf managed to fall to the nightstand below, without taking 2 mini figurines that stand in front of it with it on its plunge down.

My husband yelled at me for slamming a door when I never got up from the couch. Something else had fallen off my shelf in the middle of the night when everyone was asleep.

My husband, my daughter, and myself were all sitting in the living room when we all hear what sounds like a marble being dropped and then rolling across a hardwood floor upstairs. The entire upstairs is carpeted. My husband was mad because he couldn’t figure out what happened. I told him the ghost, that just made him more angry. Evidently, that’s not a viable solution.

Things move from one place to another or go missing. We used to think it was our daughter but she’s nearly 10 now so she’s over that.

I hear things, noises or what could be a voice but I’m never certain so I don’t ascribe it to the ghost.

I thought maybe the ghost put my phone in the washer because I had my phone, and the lid to the washer locks when its on, but when I emptied the washer there was my phone.

My daughter tends to kick her shoes off where ever she is and leave them there. Yes, we’ve tried to teach her not to do that and she does it anyway. This kid listens as well as a wooden door. Of course the next day no one can find her shoes- my husband, her, or the sitter. They search high and low. Under the coffee table, under the couch, under everything. In the play room, under toys, in her room. All day high and low. I get home from work and they tell me the saga of the missing shoes. I look everywhere as well. I find them perfectly upright and together dead center under the coffee table. My daughter could not have kicked them off and under the coffee table in such a perfect position or so far to be in the middle of the table. My husband and the sitter both swear up and down they looked there previously and the shoes were not there.

One night my husband came bounding up the stairs in a hurry and asked “What’s up?!” I’m half asleep, my daughter is completely asleep in the next room. I mumble “what?” and he says he heard a lot of noise and wanted to know what was going on. I was like no, we’re asleep up here. Later that night I heard 3 loud knocks on a door. Loud enough to wake me up. It sounded like when my daughter lays on her stomach and kicks the floor. I don’t know which door- front or interior. My husband was mad I didn’t wake him up. We checked the Ring and there was nothing and no one at the front door.

That’s all for now. I will probably come back and update as more weirdness happens.

UPDATE 06/23/20- I cleaned this weekend. In the guest room was an orange, spiky ball from my daughter’s closet across the hall (we converted her closet in to what we call the “clubhouse.” Its just a small space with pillows and some toys so she can have her own peace and quiet and privacy.) It was the last toy in the guest room so I picked it up and put it back in my daughter’s closet. I went back across the hall and into the guest room to make the bed and the orange ball was there again. I get that I’m flighty sometimes, my brain has been known to conk out on me at times but I know for a fact that I picked up a ball, walked it across the hall, put it in her closet (because I tried to toss it in a bin and missed and was like “oh well”) and closed the closet door before walking back across the hall. It’s not like I’m in some humongous mansion where “across the hall” is like 10 yards.

Yesterday could have been a fluke but I don’t think so. My daughter has “camp” at her school this week from 9 am- 3pm. I drop her off, the sitter picks her up. It was just before 3 pm and I heard a girl giggling and laughing. It sounded sort of like my daughter but not really. I was in my office working and thought maybe she had been picked up early by the sitter. My husband came upstairs to the office and I asked, “Is she home already?!” He says “no…?” I didn’t say anything to him since the ghost frustrates him (he wants a better and more concrete answer than “Its the ghost”. I live in a super quiet cul-de-sac in the middle of nowhere. Seriously, the population of my town as of 2018 is 371 people. I just checked lol. I don’t have a neighbor on one side of me, it’s wooded. The other side has one teenage girl and one teenage boy- no little girls. Across the street is elderly people. There is no way a random girl came up to my house and laughed loud enough for me to hear her upstairs in my office while my husband was downstairs. The nearest young person in the neighborhood is a boy who lives at the beginning of my subdivision.

I’m fine with stuff moving and disappearing, I’m fine with the strange noises. NOT fine with voices.

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