Nottingham’s “Haunted Museum” has a live stream and here’s what has been caught so far

Ghost-hunters have spoken of getting goosebumps while watching the recently launched 24-hour live stream of Nottingham’s Haunted Museum.

Fans of the popular Mapperley attraction, ranked the 27th most haunted location in the UK, have been tuning into the real-time footage by their thousands and sharing their best finds online.

Some have recounted seeing flying orbs, others a ghostly little boy and one viewer even took a recording of what she believes to be voices in the otherwise empty building in Woodborough Road (watch the clip below).


The footage is being streamed into living rooms across the globe via 12 new ‘ghost cams’, installed just over three weeks ago.

Paranormal enthusiast Stellar McKellar was watching the live stream from the Witches Altar Room on Sunday, May 10 at 11.12pm when she heard something rather spooky and decided to capture it on camera.

She told Nottinghamshire Live: “It starts with two faint footsteps and dust (maybe an orb?) which looks like it goes into the spirit box [an audio device used to help spirits interact with mortals].

“Through the spirit box a woman says ‘Prepare to die’. A man says something I can’t make out then ‘Get her ready to die’.”

Fellow ghost-hunter Jamie Gregory was freaked on his first viewing. He said: “First time I logged in I saw a dark figure in the auditorium. Freaky.”

Charlotte Munn, of Rainworth, watches the stream every night with her partner and captured a white object move down an aisle in the old cinema’s auditorium [watch in main image].

She said: “When we saw this we thought it looked a little bit different to what we normally see… I know some people are sceptical about it but everyone has their beliefs. I just thought it was interesting.”

Commenting on her findings, fellow viewers believed it to be the ghost of a little boy.

The Haunted Museum opened in July 2018, with tourists travelling from all over the country to see its creepy collection of artefacts in person.

Starting from the top of the building, the attic is decked out like a Victorian bedroom, a ploy called the Singapore Theory in which items are left to help spirits feel at home and stimulate paranormal activities.

Elsewhere in the Woodborough Road museum is Cecil the mummified cat, which has been known to meow, and Frank the genuine human skeleton.

There is also a torture room, morgue, chapel and a room dedicated to a possessed doll called Martha, who apparently is no fan of boys.

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