Stuck in Quarantine? Creepy Webcams to keep you busy

We’re rounding up the spooky webcams dedicated to catching a glimpse of all sorts of paranormal beings from the comfort of your own home.

With the world in lock down as we attempt to battle the spread of coronavirus, there’s no better time to take up that hobby you’ve always wanted to sink your teeth into, whether that be knitting, learning a new language… or even ghost hunting!

And while we aren’t currently able to physically venture out to haunted sites, there are countless websites dedicated to hosting webcams that live stream areas that are known to be hot spots for paranormal activity from ghosts, leprechauns, fairies and more.

While “ghost cams” may seem like a product of today’s increasingly digitally-reliant world, such websites were actually pretty popular in the early days of the internet, long before spooky reality shows like Ghost Hunters became a thing.

While many of the original ghost cams have faded into obscurity, some are still around, while other newer ghost cams are popping up every day from different locations across the world.

Check out just some of the spooky streams available across the web below, but beware — you may want to sleep with the light on tonight…

7 Creepy Haunted Webcams That Let You Ghost Hunt From Home

Willard Library


More than 110 years old, Willard Library is the oldest public library building in the state of Indiana and is said to be haunted by an entity called “the Grey Lady”. It’s one of the most well-known ghost cams and has been around since the early days of the internet.

The web cams are situated at the Haunted Stairwell, Children’s section and the Research area, with countless sightings of the Grey Lady being reported over the years.

The Leprechaun Watch

Streaming from a hidden location in a field in Tipperary, Ireland, the area in which this webcam is located is reportedly well known for magical associations, with many believing it’s the home of various leprechauns, sheeries, pookas and other Irish fairies.

Paris Catacombs

If the idea of a creepy underground tunnel tomb that contains millions of human remains located under the streets of Paris wasn’t creepy enough, you can now observe the unnerving area over it’s very own infrared webcam, where you can watch tour groups brave the ossuary, or even spot the ghosts of those whose remains lie within the depths of the catacombs.

Ordsall Hall

Located in Greater Manchester, Ordsall Hall is a “black and white half-timbered manor-house” that was first recorded in 1177.

Over the centuries it has served many families, including medieval gentry, Tudor nobles, an Earl, a butcher, a farmer, loyal Catholics, priests, artists and more — so it’s no wonder it’s known to be haunted.

One ghost said to  haunt the building is the “White Lady” aka Margaret Radcliffe, who was said to have died in 1599 of a broken heart when her twin brother, Alexander, died at sea. Apparently her spirit stayed behind, even after she died, waiting for her brother to return.

The Furman Theatre

Founded in 1826, Furman University is located in Greenville, South Carolina, with it’s 110-seat auditorium is still used as the primary space for the university’s theatrical performances, while reportedly being the site of several ghost sightings.

Knickerbocker Hotel 

Located in Linesville, Pennsylvania, visitors have reported hearing voices, seeing objects move, or feeling incredibly uneasy inside the Knickerbocker Hotel. This is reportedly due to one of the hotel’s owners, Peg Knickerbocker, being “sensitive to ‘higher vibrations’; just having her present seems to stimulate activity.”

Apparently, visitors have mentioned seeing the spirits of what turned out to be one of the hotel’s previous owners and her child, who died on the premises.


Apparently the site of a 100+ year-old Victorian house decked out with 18 webcams in order to catch paranormal activity, the website reads:

“The ghost are real. The people who lived here were also real at one time, and I am doing my best to find out who they were, and what their lives were like, and if it is they who visit the house. This is the purpose of the 18 live webcams.”

There are also EVP recordings on the website, along with interesting notes on the history behind the apparently haunted building.

Image: Blumhouse Productions

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