Loftus Hall is for sale!

Loftus Hall in county Wexford — also known as the most haunted house in Ireland — has gone up for sale for €2,496,511.

The 22 bedroom mansion has been a spooky attraction for tourists since 2012 with a number of paranormal sightings reported.

The once stately home, first built in 1170, is now in need of a sprucing up, with decaying paneling and peeling wallpaper hanging from the walls.

Loftus Hall
Pic: Shutterstock

The earliest ghostly legend associated with Loftus Hall is a well known Irish tale from back in 1766 when the house was owned by Lord and Lady Tottenham and their daughter, Lady Anne.

One stormy night, the Lord and Lady are said to have allowed a gentleman into their home to shelter him.

Loftus Hall
Pic: Loftus Hall

During a game of cards, Lady Anne bent down to pick up a card that had fallen, when she spotted the stranger had the cloven hooves of the devil.

Lady Anne let out an almighty scream and suddenly the stranger disappeared into thin air.

Loftus Hall
Pic: Loftus Hall

From that night on, Lady Anne was never the same. She went into a state of madness and was locked away in the family tapestry room, passing away soon after.

Following her death, both servants and family members in the household are said to have seen her spirit roaming the halls of the mansion.

Loftus Hall
Pic: Loftus Hall

Today, the property is often visited by paranormal thrill-seekers on ghost hunts and tours of the haunted building.

In 2011, brothers Aidan and Shane Quigley bought the mansion for €625,000, then spent tens of thousands of euro renovating the building to use in their ghost tour.

Loftus Hall
Pic: Loftus Hall

However, now this home can be yours for just under €2.5 million — ghosts included!

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