IL woman finds ghosts in photos


As you are aware, I love everything paranormal. Lately, I have been drawn to stories and photos of spirits and ghosts more than ever before. I have even interviewed some paranormal ghost hunters and found it fascinating. I don’t have all of the answers, but I love exploring the possibilities.

The whole thought of where a soul, who’s body has passed away, goes, is a mystery to living souls. Yes, through faith and religion, we are told of a heaven, hell and even purgatory. But, unless you have had a near death experience, or experienced a ghost or spirit for yourself, you really don’t know for sure. But, those who have, believe that this is the way it is without actually having any proof to show

Once, as a teen, I asked my very wise mother how she knew and believed, without doubt, that Jesus, Heaven and God were real. I told her if she can’t see them, they might not be real. She looked at me with her beautiful eyes, sweet smile and answered, I have faith. Mom then asked me if I knew that she loved me. I told her that I did, without a doubt. She then asked me how I knew that. I replied that I just DID. It was the things she would do for me, the way she talked to me, the way she looked at me, the way she made me feel when I was scared or upset.

Mom then reached over, hugged me tightly and asked me if I saw her love. I explained to her that I felt it, but I really didn’t SEE it. She smiled and said, That’s faith. Feeling things and believing them, even if you can’t actually SEE them. Mom had faith and felt God’s love everyday of her life, and I believe she still fells it in the afterlife. I believe that my mom is an angel who watches over us and gives us a hug with rushing feelings of love and light when we need it most, just like she did when she was alive. Her spirit is alive, I know it, even though I can’t see it. I have faith in that.

After she left the room, I spent several minutes thinking about what she had said to me, the example she had given me. I knew she was right and that her lesson of faith went far beyond her faith in God or love for me. It could be applied to so many things that we are unsure about, haven’t seen or have no real proof of it’s existence.

In the time I’ve spent talking to people who have innocently taken pictures, only to see later that there is something or someone in their photo they didn’t see before, their stories are similar. They are taken completely by surprise and they are shocked. It shakes their very core. Why is the image there now and not when they were looking through their lense and taking the pic?

Seeing things in pictures, once you really look at them, is not uncommon. It really happens more than you think. It’s happened to me. Are there spirits who some see and some don’t? Are they real ghosts or just a smudge on the lease of the camera? Are the light beams and floating specs just traces of dust and perfectly lit angles?

The thing is, we don’t really know. Those who weren’t there, might try to figure out what the image really is to disprove the fact that it might be a spirit. While others will share a similar experience. The seem and unseen merge together to form an opinion, a believable explanation. But the truth is, even though we might not be able to see angels, spirits or ghosts, some of us have faith that they do exist, others do not, But, when they show up in a picture, unexpected, it’s pretty awesome no matter how you feel about it. You are either filled with excitement, or trying your best to figure it out. Either way, pretty cool.

I came across these photos on the Haunted Illinois Facebook group. I was fascinated with them and reached out to the mother who took the photos and asked her if I could share them with you. Like I always say, you can decide for yourself whether or not you see a ghost in the photos. But, after hearing the mom’s story surrounding the photos, I believe a ghost of a child is exactly what we see.

Just like I told you, I’m finding that it happens more than we feel comfortable admitting. The unknown and uncontrollable can be scary. We are always seeking meaning in the things we don’t understand and can’t explain. We come together and build a bond of curiosity and the search for truth continues.

Others Shared Their Stories

According to the person that commented, ‘My friend bought a new house in Belvidere, IL. – She took the pictures, and never noticed. This isn’t her child!! They had a professional paranormal group come in.’ When I spoke with Brandon, he told me that his friend, Bobi’s house, has even been on a TV show surrounding the image in this photo.

According to his mother Michele…my son, Alex Tucker’s, spirit just hours after he died in a car crash on July 11, 2020. He died instantly or shortly after, I know he didn’t want to go. The lady who took this photo said at one point she felt so compelled to go outside and pray for him. As she was doing so, she found herself telling him to go to the light, it’s ok, go to the light. I am so thankful she did that for my son, it got him Home sooner. This is the first one she took….i believe he walked from where his car was on the other side of the fence and went towards her bevause he didn’t know where to go.

More info I received from his mother…at the moment this photo was taken, you can see, he’s further into her yard, closer to her and I believe that was the moment she probably felt she needed to go out into her yard to pray. To help him get Home. It appears there’s 2 spirits in this photo. My niece died 4 years ago in a vehicle type accident, my son died on her birthday.

His mother wants his memory to live on, I told her I would share his story with you. Michele shared with me..He was an amazing human being, one of the good guys. This world was truly blessed for 23 yrs with his presence, light and love.

Training For the Olympics

Alex was an Olympic hopeful for BMX racing.

Fly High, Alex

Alex Tucker 1997 – 2020 May your beautiful soul rest in peace.

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