Ghost hunts in Miami

Side note: My husband grew up in Ft.Lauderdale/Pompano Beach. We would visit Miami, the Keys, etc. every Christmas when we would return to his childhood home for the holidays. Our hearts, prayers, and thoughts go out to all the rescuers and the families dealing with the building collapse in Miami.

Imagine sitting alone in a dark cell of the historic Gila County Jail, or the cavernous 1917 Miami YMCA building — blindfolded and wearing noise-cancelling headphones. Is it true that fear or other emotions may channel energy that increases paranormal activity, or focuses your ability to perceive the spirit world? Sensory deprivation immersive experiences are a chance to find out for yourself when the Arizona Paranormal Investigation and Research Society revisits Miami’s old YMCA Building, 18,000 square feet of paranormal opportunity, June 12, a Saturday night with a choice between three venues — two in Globe, one in Miami — each hosting four hours of ghost-hunting adventure. Using cameras, EM detectors and other atmospheric sensing gear, the paranormal investigators first checked out the massive YMCA building in November of 2020 and reported: “There is intense paranormal activity,” adding the June 12 after-dark event is a four-hour paranormal evening “not for the faint of heart.” The 18,000-square-foot Miami YMCA was built in 1917. Simultaneously in Globe, guests will have the option to participate in experiments such as a sensory deprivation session, blindfolded and wearing noise-cancelling headphones. 

Tickets start at $30 per person for any of these three guided after-dark paranormal investigations. Two are among Globe’s most famous ‘haunts’: the historic Gila County Jail & Sheriff’s Office and the 1908 building downtown that once housed a bordello. Buy tickets online in advance at; sneak-preview the spiritual evening with clips on YouTube; see photos and connect at Proceeds of these events help pay for upkeep and building restoration.
Gila County’s historic jail in downtown Globe is well known on the paranormal investigation circuit. Housing inmates from 1910-1981, could it be haunted by vengeful spirits of murderers who spent their final days within the concrete and steel cells? The historic structure was spotlighted by the popular Travel Channel show ‘Ghost Adventures’ in January 2018; sparking monthly events where pre-registered guests can observe as seasoned paranormal investigators use equipment to sense the spirit world after dark.

Equipment? Guides set up cameras to view locations throughout the jail, with EM detectors and other equipment available in hopes of evidence of the jail’s spirits. The evening begins with a walking tour of the museum, providing historical information and tales of the paranormal. Afterwards participants divide into teams and begin the night’s investigation. Organizers add “there is no guarantee there will be paranormal activity.” Guests for the evening may also participate in paranormal experiments such as an ‘isolated spirit box session,’ or the sensory deprivation experiment. Read more about the team’s background and gear at, or connect at for invites to future eerie evenings.

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