Lady Gaga vs. Ryan the Ghost

Pretty sure we’ve discussed this before this article seems more in depth

We all have that one person who always seems be around when you least want them to be. You feel their uncomfortable presence more often than not.

For most of us, it’s a stalker ex you just can’t get ride of, or even that one chatty coworker. While these are beyond annoying, imagine being stalked around the world by a ghost named Ryan!

That was the case for the queen of the little monsters herself, Lady Gaga.

Ryan first found his way from the spirit world and into Gaga’s troubled peripheral sometime during her 2010 Monster Ball Tour.

“He’s hasn’t been doing anything too violent or scary but she’s freaked out by his presence. She’s a very spiritual person and in tune with the spiritual world but this is a step too far, even for her, “a friend of Gaga’s tells the Daily Star.

For months of the tour, from country to country, she lamented about the unsettling spirit to crew members and close pals. She felt inklings of his presence in Dublin . But by the time she got to Belfast, she found his hauntings to be far too much to handle any longer.

“She believes in paranormal activity,” a source within the star’s circle explains to reporters, “and won’t take any risks when she is on the road. It’s important to her to be safe from spirits.”

The spirit unnerved Gaga so much that she called in a medium and gathered friends to perform a seance in efforts to tap into the realm of the deceased.

She was more than certain that Ryan was a bad omen. This might just be true.

Around the time of the seance, Gaga became the subject of some steep controversy. Images of her hoisting an Irish flag with a middle finger in her other hand began circulating news headlines.

So who’d she call? Ghostbusters, of course.

After the failed seance, Gaga took her paranormal witch-hunt to a new extreme. According to Glamour, she spent nearly $50 thousands on a “state-of-the-art Electro Magnetic Field meters to detect ghosts.”

Banishing unwanted spirits back from whence they came is certainly a hefty price tag. But hee massive $320 million net worth, Gaga was prepared to stop at nothing to be free of Ryan.

In the midst of her efforts to find peace of mind, Gaga continued to make costly purchases that only A-listers like herself could afford.

Along with the detector, she also dealt out another $50K to enlist the assistance of a NASA chemist. They helped her construct a “non-hot substance that would release steam out of a teacup-shaped dress she would be wearing on stage,” according to Showbiz Cheat Sheet.

The overall cost for her private jet to travel the paranormal equipment and costumes across the world racked up to around a whopping $700 thousand!

At this point, it’s clear that Gaga is a pretty big spender.

The star has always had a sensitivity towards spiritual energies. This made her run in with Ryan all the more demoralizing.

Gaga has been quite candid in speaking out about her past drug abuse before she ascended to fame.

At the young age of nineteen, Gaga (better known then as Stephanie Germanotta) had lived as a high school dropout, working three jobs to support herself. She spent most of her days alone in her apartment.

“It as just my piano and myself,” Gaga recounts to Rolling Stone, “I had a television and I would leave it on all the time just to feel like somebody was hanging out with me.”

The soon-to-be star soon found herself indulging in cocaine.

“It was like the drug was my friend. I never did it with other people,” she continues,”It’s such a terrible way to fill that void, because it just adds to that void, because it’s not real.”

Luckily, an epiphany came her way in the form of a passed relative.

Gaga attributes her successful battle with addiction to the guiding spirit of her aunt, Joanne. The life of her father’s sister (who Gaga’s fifth studio album takes namesake) was imprinted in the singer’s mind as the spitting image of artistic freedom.

Joanne passed at the early age 19, leaving behind a legacy of poetry and paintings. Gaga still feels particularly intertwined with her aunt, even saying that she is Joanne’s incarnation.

“I had a spiritual vision I had to finish her business,” the singer says.

While Ryan may have been a unwanted visitor in Gaga’s life, it seems like he’s since gone back to the spirit world – or just went off to haunt someone else.

Luckily, the singer still has that $50K ghost detector for if he ever returns.

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