10 Spooky TikTok Channels


10 Spooky Paranormal Channels to Follow on Tiktok

I don’t have TikTok but my daughter does….

Everyone now and then desires a little scare, and following these 10 spooky paranormal channels on Tiktok will guarantee just that.

Everyone now and then desires a little scare, a peek through the veil, or perhaps a little more information or education considering the paranormal and ghostly. While Youtube’s endless database of spooky and scary videos is always reliable to provide every type of rabbit hole to go down, TikTok can be counted on to lend the juiciest, bite-sized entertainment and frights.


Missy_Mcstein is a harbinger of paranormal voices. Using a small spirit box, she asks the spirit realm questions to record and interpret their answers. Often she asks profound, specific, or insightful questions, such as “Does anyone have a message of the day today?”

Usually, she receives scattered or faint messages, making it all the more interesting for viewers to piece together and interpret the beings coming through the device. The creator also provides information about talking and dealing with the spirit.


Fun and thoughtless content for any user’s wandering brain craving the creepy, scary, and silly, HAUNTING FACTS brings a myriad of videos from the Internet.

This is the perfect channel to look to if users are searching for all sorts of content to creep them out, whether it’s real videos of the strange or dangerous to disturbing-looking shorts, monsters, and ghouls for the perfect midnight jump-scare. They have plenty of content with a great variety and post often on their channel.


This Youtuber has also made some of their content available on TikTok, namely exciting teasers. This creator traverses different strange and paranormal hotspots, as well as educates about them.

Some locations they visited have been namely abandoned places. They also talk about subjects such as famous haunted homes, haunted Air BnB’s, and so forth. The well-shot content and personal involvement of the creators’ personalities make for more immersive exploring and ghosting hunting videos.


This witchy LGBTQ+ business owner is a friendly and helpful outlet in which to discover and learn more about the paranormal and how to process it.

Accented by plants in the background of their videos, Zak chats about different spooky stories concerning the spirits in a manner that is inviting and chill, perfect for those looking into ghostly things while not having to be scared or put in an intense mood to take in.


Haunted Awakening differs from many other entries and creators on ParanormalTok by their confrontational ghost haunting. They explore and travel haunted and/or abandoned sites and attempt to communicate with the dead through spirit boxes.

Believe the spirit boxes or not, the setup is entertaining with appealing production and addictive content, like a more to-the-point Ghost Adventures.


Michael is a paranormal investigator who has fun talking about all things beyond the grave. He talks about topics such as ghost hunter jokes. He reviews ghost videos, types of ghosts, and fake paranormal activity.

His forward, humorous, and friendly demeanor makes for easy and entertaining watching while allowing some room for scares when viewing spirits themselves.


Hauntings of Ohio is a Youtube channel as well. The creators organize their content of ghost hauntings and paranormal investigations by identifying the locations of which they are visiting. They use communication devices to talk with the dead, increasing the tension and intrigue as the humorous group explores the areas.

Their personalities and production standards, including narration and editing, help the viewer experience the creepiness vicariously.


Rebekah is a kind, fun, and factual host who is happy to share her knowledge regarding the paranormal. She talks calmly about spooky and paranormal things, whether it’s analyzing others’ ghost videos, responding to questions such as how to open one’s third eye, and reporting on types of ghosts.

Her content is informational and perfect for those who might want to get creeped out and learn more about spirit and how to cope with the unknown.


The perfect channel for creepy bite-sized storytelling, Olivia Snake reports entertaining subjects such as the most haunted places, cults, mysteries, and true crime.

Her approachable mannerisms and concise writing and editing make her an essential follow for those who want to be versed in all things strange in the world. She always makes sure to pull up receipts, pictures, and evidence as part of her research.


This TikToker would massively appeal to people who enjoy Chills-esque content. His content covers various strange, disturbing, interesting, and scary stories, all of which are reportedly real-life stories.

His simple yet informative editing and light tone match perfectly with the often dark subject matter, making this a great channel to look into for those who want stories about creepy stuff more likely to happen in real life.

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