IL woman finds ghosts in photos


As you are aware, I love everything paranormal. Lately, I have been drawn to stories and photos of spirits and ghosts more than ever before. I have even interviewed some paranormal ghost hunters and found it fascinating. I don’t have all of the answers, but I love exploring the possibilities.

The whole thought of where a soul, who’s body has passed away, goes, is a mystery to living souls. Yes, through faith and religion, we are told of a heaven, hell and even purgatory. But, unless you have had a near death experience, or experienced a ghost or spirit for yourself, you really don’t know for sure. But, those who have, believe that this is the way it is without actually having any proof to show

Once, as a teen, I asked my very wise mother how she knew and believed, without doubt, that Jesus, Heaven and God were real. I told her if she can’t see them, they might not be real. She looked at me with her beautiful eyes, sweet smile and answered, I have faith. Mom then asked me if I knew that she loved me. I told her that I did, without a doubt. She then asked me how I knew that. I replied that I just DID. It was the things she would do for me, the way she talked to me, the way she looked at me, the way she made me feel when I was scared or upset.

Mom then reached over, hugged me tightly and asked me if I saw her love. I explained to her that I felt it, but I really didn’t SEE it. She smiled and said, That’s faith. Feeling things and believing them, even if you can’t actually SEE them. Mom had faith and felt God’s love everyday of her life, and I believe she still fells it in the afterlife. I believe that my mom is an angel who watches over us and gives us a hug with rushing feelings of love and light when we need it most, just like she did when she was alive. Her spirit is alive, I know it, even though I can’t see it. I have faith in that.

After she left the room, I spent several minutes thinking about what she had said to me, the example she had given me. I knew she was right and that her lesson of faith went far beyond her faith in God or love for me. It could be applied to so many things that we are unsure about, haven’t seen or have no real proof of it’s existence.

In the time I’ve spent talking to people who have innocently taken pictures, only to see later that there is something or someone in their photo they didn’t see before, their stories are similar. They are taken completely by surprise and they are shocked. It shakes their very core. Why is the image there now and not when they were looking through their lense and taking the pic?

Seeing things in pictures, once you really look at them, is not uncommon. It really happens more than you think. It’s happened to me. Are there spirits who some see and some don’t? Are they real ghosts or just a smudge on the lease of the camera? Are the light beams and floating specs just traces of dust and perfectly lit angles?

The thing is, we don’t really know. Those who weren’t there, might try to figure out what the image really is to disprove the fact that it might be a spirit. While others will share a similar experience. The seem and unseen merge together to form an opinion, a believable explanation. But the truth is, even though we might not be able to see angels, spirits or ghosts, some of us have faith that they do exist, others do not, But, when they show up in a picture, unexpected, it’s pretty awesome no matter how you feel about it. You are either filled with excitement, or trying your best to figure it out. Either way, pretty cool.

I came across these photos on the Haunted Illinois Facebook group. I was fascinated with them and reached out to the mother who took the photos and asked her if I could share them with you. Like I always say, you can decide for yourself whether or not you see a ghost in the photos. But, after hearing the mom’s story surrounding the photos, I believe a ghost of a child is exactly what we see.

Just like I told you, I’m finding that it happens more than we feel comfortable admitting. The unknown and uncontrollable can be scary. We are always seeking meaning in the things we don’t understand and can’t explain. We come together and build a bond of curiosity and the search for truth continues.

Others Shared Their Stories

According to the person that commented, ‘My friend bought a new house in Belvidere, IL. – She took the pictures, and never noticed. This isn’t her child!! They had a professional paranormal group come in.’ When I spoke with Brandon, he told me that his friend, Bobi’s house, has even been on a TV show surrounding the image in this photo.

According to his mother Michele…my son, Alex Tucker’s, spirit just hours after he died in a car crash on July 11, 2020. He died instantly or shortly after, I know he didn’t want to go. The lady who took this photo said at one point she felt so compelled to go outside and pray for him. As she was doing so, she found herself telling him to go to the light, it’s ok, go to the light. I am so thankful she did that for my son, it got him Home sooner. This is the first one she took….i believe he walked from where his car was on the other side of the fence and went towards her bevause he didn’t know where to go.

More info I received from his mother…at the moment this photo was taken, you can see, he’s further into her yard, closer to her and I believe that was the moment she probably felt she needed to go out into her yard to pray. To help him get Home. It appears there’s 2 spirits in this photo. My niece died 4 years ago in a vehicle type accident, my son died on her birthday.

His mother wants his memory to live on, I told her I would share his story with you. Michele shared with me..He was an amazing human being, one of the good guys. This world was truly blessed for 23 yrs with his presence, light and love.

Training For the Olympics

Alex was an Olympic hopeful for BMX racing.

Fly High, Alex

Alex Tucker 1997 – 2020 May your beautiful soul rest in peace.

Speaking of Haunted South Florida

These Are The 7 Most Haunted Spots In South Florida That You Must Road Trip To This Fall

Ghouls just wanna have fun!

Tate Jacaruso4 days ago

Article Featured Imagedeeringestate | Instagram thewanderingmoth | Instagram

Something wicked this way comes…fall is fast approaching and Floridians can celebrate all season long by visiting the most haunted places in South Florida. Grab a few friends for an autumn road trip that will scare you silly. If you look closely, you may see a ghost at these hair-raising spots. 

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Florida is known for sunshine, but everyone knows that the ghosts and ghouls come out at night. If you’re in the Miami area, there are tons of haunted hotspots to discover. 

Editor’s Choice: Ontario’s Secret Woodland Staircase Will Lead You Through A Colourful Paradise This Fall

Call up your bravest besties for this creepy autumn outing. Then, throw on a head-to-toe black outfit and prepare for mansions, castles, and bars, and cemeteries with major spooky vibes. 

Head to SoFlo’s freakiest destinations when the season changes and see if you can spot a spirit. These paranormal places are almost guaranteed to give you goosebumps.

Stranahan House Museum

Price: $12

Address: 335 Southeast 6th Ave., Fort Lauderdale

Why You Need To Go: This SoFlo museum has a bone-chilling history of mysterious deaths. Allegedly, there are several souls wandering around the house, reluctant to enter the afterlife. @thenewhaveniteembedded via 


Deering Estate 

Price: $15

Address: 16701 S.W. 72nd Ave., Miami, FL

Why You Need To Go: You won’t believe how spooked you get at this grand historic estate in Miami. Past visitors have glimpsed something paranormal on the grounds. @ghosthunterofsouthfloridaembedded via 


Old Davie School Historical Museum

Price: $10

Address: 6650 Griffin Rd., Davie, FL 

Why You Need To Go: If you love all things scary, there’s a school-turned-museum you need to visit. This century-old spot in Davie offers creepy tours to hunt for ghosts@shanpixelsembedded via 


Coral Castle

Price: $18

Address: 28655 South Dixie Hwy., Miami, FL 

Why You Need To Go: This eerie structure was built by Edward Leedskalnin for the love of his life who left him. It remains a mystery how he was able to build it by himself and is said to be haunted. @whittslembedded via 


The Blue Anchor 

Price: 💸

Cuisine: British 

Address: 804 E. Atlantic Ave., Delray Beach, FL

Why You Need To Go: This British pub in Delray Beach is rumored to be haunted by the ghost of a woman who was murdered by her husband. Enter, if you dare. @jjschneyerembedded via 


Miami City Cemetery

Price: Freesawq

Address: 1800 N.E. 2nd Ave., Miami, FL

Why You Need To Go: This graveyard in Miami will surround you with death. You can wander through the countless rows of headstones and dream of Halloween. @beyondsouthbeachembedded via 


The Riddle House

Price: $10

Address: 9067 Southern Blvd., West Palm Beach, FL

Why You Need To Go: This terrifying mansion in Yesteryear Village is said to be visited by disturbed souls. Take a tour of this horror-inducing place to see what you discover. @ghosthunterofsouthfloridaembedded via 


Get your creep on at these ultra-eerie spots across South Florida. Only the most fearless Floridians can handle these chilling and thrilling locations, so get out there and see what you’re made of this fall. 

Haunted Ontario

These Are The Most Haunted Spots In Ontario That You Must Road Trip To This Fall

Don’t visit these spots alone!

Madeline Forsyth4 days agoArticle Featured Image

Spooky season is almost upon us, and it turns out Ontario has its fair share of scary spots. You can visit some creepy places around the province that are crawling with real-life ghost stories. Set your horror movies aside, because Ontario’s haunted places will give you major goosebumps.

This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers.

You’ll want to have Ghostbusters on speed dial before going to these spots. 

Ontario has tons of sites that are visited by both the living and the dead.

You can discover creepy stories and unexplained happenings at these paranormal places.

From prisons wrought with skin-crawling pasts to restaurants with ghostly patrons, you’ll need to have your wits about you when exploring these spots.

Daredevils can spend the night with spirits at two Ontario locations.

The HI Ottawa Jail Hostel lets you sleep in a solitary confinement cell, although it may not be as solitary as it seems.

An Airbnb is notoriously haunted, and guests have told tales of a strange man and angry woman appearing in their room.

If the thought of ghosts has you turning a nightlight on before bed, then you can stay safe at some less terrifying fall attractions.

There are tons of pumpkin patches and apple orchards to check out that so far have only been visited by the living.

Gibraltar Point Lighthouse

Price: Ferry fee

Address: Toronto Islands

Why You Need To Go: According to an article on The Torontoist, in 1812, the lighthouse keeper disappeared mysteriously from his home. It has been said that he was murdered by two soldiers, dismembered, and buried around the lighthouse. His ghost still haunts the area today.@yyz_crawler_monochromeembedded via 


Bronte Creek Provincial Park

Price: Fees vary

Address: 1219 Burloak Dr., Oakville, ON

Why You Need To Go: Bronte Creek’s Spruce Lane Farmhouse has had several reportings of hauntings. Strange footsteps, self-locking doors, and paranormal apparitions are just some of the sightings at this old Victorian manor. The house is open several times throughout the year, and you can contact the park for more information.@teenaintoronto2017embedded via 


Screaming Tunnel

Price: Free

Address: Warner Rd., Niagara Falls, ON

Why You Need To Go: According to the St. Catherine Standard, legend has it that a young girl was killed by her father and burned in the creepy tunnel. Her spirit still haunts the underground crevice.@justin__photosembedded via 


HI Ottawa Jail Hostel

Price: $41.25 + per night

Address: 75 Nicholas St., Ottawa, ON

Why You Need To Go: You might have nightmares when sleeping in this place. The historic jailhouse lets guests sleep in old cells, and still contains the original gallows. Bodies were found beneath the parking lot, and reviews suggest that ghosts are very much at home in this spot.@hiottawajailembedded via 


Kingston Penitentiary 

Price: $35 +

When: Until October 31, 2020

Address: 560 King S. W., Kingston, ON

Why You Need To Go: You might glimpse several ghosts when touring this jail. One who has been rumoured to wander the prison is George Hewell, a violent inmate who used to strike guards. He swore he would seek revenge on a guard who struck back in self-defence.@kingstonpentourembedded via 


Old Fort Erie

Price: $13.27 per adult

Address: 350 Lakeshore Rd., Fort Erie, ON

Why You Need To Go: The site of Canada’s bloodiest battlefield, visitors say they have witnessed two soldiers wandering through the darkness, one without hands, and one without a head. @littlecapturedmemoriesembedded via 


Coach & Lantern Pub

Price: Prices vary

Address: 384 Wilson St. E., Hamilton, ON

Why You Need To Go: This British pub is swimming with stories of strange glowing orbs exposed in photographs and a disappearing gentleman who has shown up several times.@fat_maverickembedded via 


The Olde Angel Inn

Price: Prices vary

Address: 224 Regent St., Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON

Why You Need To Go: Legend has it that in 1813, a Canadian militia officer was killed by American soldiers as he went to meet his lover in the Inn. His ghost is thought to walk the halls at night, longing for his sweetheart. He is considered to be harmless as long as the British flag flies over the Inn.@viajandoconsilembedded via 


PRZ Paintball

Price: $20 + per player

Address: 204 Kingsley Rd., Picton ON

Why You Need To Go: Originally a Canadian Forces base, the site was used as a “hospital for the mentally disabled” in 1917. Unconfirmed stories of patient abuse and possible fatalities have drawn paranormal investigators over the years. The area is now an epic paintball field.@syd.gladiatorsembedded via 


Fort George

Price: $11.90 per adult

Address: 51 Queen’s Parade, Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON

Why You Need To Go: It has been said that the spirits of soldiers and their families haunt this historic military base and battle site. Ghostly figures of a tall man following guests and a man in white lounging on beds have been reported.@liquid_cocaineandpineapplesembedded via 


Oakville Market Square

Price: Free

Address: Corner of Navy St. & William St., Oakville, ON

Why You Need To Go: At least one group of tourists reported smelling a unique burning scent, which is particularly creepy as an old jailhouse once burned to the ground at that spot.

Visit Oakville



Address: Fergus, ON

Why You Need To Go: Referred to as Canada’s Most Haunted Village, spend a day wandering the streets and visiting historic sites in hopes of spotting a ghost.@mjtdotembedded via 


The Haunted Airbnb

Price: $125 / night

Address: Penetanguishene, ON

Why You Need To Go: The quaint Victorian house has something sinister lurking inside. Guests have reported sightings of ghosts, including a man looking in a mirror with an angry woman beside him.

Brenda | Airbnb


Skeleton Park

Price: Free

Address: 30 Alma St., Kingston, ON

Why You Need To Go: If the name isn’t spooky enough, this park has a grim past. It was once a cemetery, which was bulldozed as it fell into disrepair. Human remains are still discovered to this day, and you can spot pieces of gravestones in the ground. Visitors have reported paranormal sightings, spooky mists, and more.@bridges.212embedded via 


Dundurn Castle

Price: $14 per adult

Address: 610 York Blvd., Hamilton, ON

Why You Need To Go: According to the Hamilton Public Library archives, Dundurn Castle has some spooky secrets. Sir Allan MacNab, premier of pre-Confederation Canada originally inhabited the castle with his family. The history is strewn with hangings, illnesses, and death, and reports of singing, moving objects, and strange drafts have been reported.@jamologyembedded via 


Humber College Lakeshore Campus

Address: 3199 Lake Shore Blvd. W., Etobicoke, ON

Why You Need To Go: According to an article on Humber ETC, the Lakeshore Campus is spookier than it seems. The building was once a psychiatric hospital, and hundreds of people have reported seeing the ghost of a nurse who hung herself in the orchard.@paulyne_weiembedded via 


Burkholder Church Cemetery

Address: 465 Mohawk Rd. E., Hamilton, ON

Why You Need To Go: According to the Hamilton Public Library, a strange light used to move along the roof of the church right before a death. Sometimes, the light would even float away and rest over the house of the dying person.

Hamilton Public Library


Orangeville Town Hall

Address: 87 Broadway, Orangeville, ON

Why You Need To Go: Apparently, Orangeville Town Hall is haunted by more than one spirit. It was featured in the book Haunted Town Halls and has been visited by paranormal investigators.@jannikloepembedded via 


Agnes Etherington Arts Centre

Price: Free

Address: 36 University Ave., Kingston, ON

Why You Need To Go: Staff have reported seeing the ghost of Agnes Etherington, who the building was named after, wandering the halls of the art gallery. A staff member once saw a piano playing by itself, another heard a disembodied voice reminding her to turn off the lights before she closed for the night.

Online Poker Site says FL is least haunted State

And Illinois is most. Obviously, many people disagree, myself included. I am not sure how they got their numbers but generally one would think St. Augustine alone would rocket them up the charts. South Florida is nothing to sneeze at for paranormal activity. One paranormal investigator pointed out Ybor City should also bump Florida up the list. Read the article, decide for yourself.


As a former star of Ghost Hunters International, Angela Alderman has investigated paranormal sightings throughout the world. She considers her home state of Florida among the most haunted places she has been.

“When I walk through parts of Florida, I have heard people walking behind me, turned around and saw no one,” Alderman, a Tampa resident, said. “Florida has some magical places.”

So she was shocked to learn that online poker company CardsChat, which is delving into content marketing, had listed Florida as the state where someone is least likely to see a ghost.

According to their research, the gambling odds of seeing a ghost in Florida are +1,296,000, meaning a $100 wager would win nearly $1.3 million.

The state where someone is most likely to see a ghost is Illinois, with odds of +110,900.

“That doesn’t sound right,” Alderman said. “Ybor City alone should place Florida higher.”

Actually, no Ybor ghost sightings made the list compiled of hauntings from 1972 through 2020, but Tampa Theatre and the Hernando Historical Museum did.

According to Anna Osborne, an England-based marketing executive who represents CardsChat, the data was collected using manual web research with keywords and combinations of keywords such as haunted, ghosts and paranormal.

“If one person declared they have seen a ghost more than once, or multiple people have shared the same inexplicable event over a period of time, then we noted that as haunted,” Osborne said. She noted that there’s no scientific proof of a haunting, so the data is subjective.

Orlando is the most haunted city in Florida, according to their research, with 32 sightings since 1972, followed by St. Augustine with 15. Tampa and St. Petersburg have each had 11. Brooksville made the list with seven, Tarpon Springs added three to Florida’s total and Clearwater’s tally is two.

Overall, Florida totaled 1,697 sightings, which is the 11th most in the nation.

But calculating in Florida’s high population of nearly 22 million as compared to Delaware’s 124 sightings and a population of 983,000, for instance, is why the odds of seeing a ghost in the Sunshine State are the worst. Delaware ranks 45th on the list.

Texas had the most sightings with 7,099, with a population of 29,472,295, placing it at No. 22 on the list.

The following are some of the Tampa Bay area spots that made Florida’s list:

Ghosts apparently like watching movies in Tampa. Britton Cinemas, Falk Theatre, Funlan Drive-In and Tampa Theatre are each cited.

Tampa Theatre “employees have said that they occasionally hear footsteps and chains in deserted hallways behind the stage and have spotted someone in the projecting room even though there was no one up there at the time,” the report says.

The downtown theater promotes its paranormal history with ghost tours.

Spirits, like tourists, are apparently drawn to hotels, specifically the Don CeSar in St. Pete Beach and the Vinoy in St. Petersburg.

“The Don CeSar resort was once the private residence of Thomas Rowe,” reads the research. “His ghost can be seen walking hand-in-hand with a beautiful dark-haired woman along the shore.”

Both hotels have ghostly reputations among the paranormal community, Alderman said.

And the apparitions might enjoy learning about local history.

“Many things have happened” at the Hernando Heritage Museum, according to the report, “including hearing a child cry when no child was around and seeing orbs and mists on digital cameras.”

The museum boasts of these hauntings with ghost tours.

Those structures share a common theme, said Lakeland’s Miki Strange — her real last name — a paranormal investigator with Tampa Bay Spirits. “They are historic buildings.”

Spirits, she said, become attached to a building but move on when it is torn down.

That might explain why the odds of seeing a ghost in Florida are low.

“Florida has a history of tearing down the old to make way for the new,” Strange said.

Still, like Alderman, she was surprised Ybor with its historic structures did not make the list, especially the Cuban Club, which is said to be haunted.

“To me, that shows the data is skewed,” Strange said.

Alderman has investigated the Cuban Club with a local ghost-hunting team.

She said the spirit of a boy lives in the basement cantina and “I could hear people walking around the second floor and the ballroom.

“I’ve done this all over the world and can say I feel the most energy in Ybor.”

Haunted, M.D.

As someone who blogged as “The Haunted Feminist” and is the ParanormalLawyer on Reddit, I had to give a shout out to Haunted, M.D. Plus they help feral cat colonies.

Feel the spirit of the haunt

  • By Kathleen Shaw For The Northern Virginia Daily
  • Aug 29, 2020

If black cats and unexplained shadows leave you tossing and turning in bed at night, beware. For those whom  October cannot come fast enough, Elkton is getting an eerie twist this weekend.

Lunar Paranormal Virginia’s toolkit for connecting with the other side includes a spirit box radio, electromagnetic field detectors and a screen capture software camera, as well as less conventional tools like light-up cat toys that respond to movement.

Part-time paranormal investigator, part-time animal lover, Cherie Breeden has rescued over 20 cats from feral Elkton cat colonies.

If black cats and unexplained shadows leave you tossing and turning in bed at night, beware. For those whom  October cannot come fast enough, Elkton is getting an eerie twist this weekend.

Lunar Paranormal Virginia is returning to Elkton’s Miller-Kite Museum on Sunday to share its exploration of the Civil War-era building with others interested in the hunt of the haunt.

Once used as headquarters by Confederate Gen. Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson during his Valley Campaign of the Civil War from April 19-30, 1862, the Miller-Kite Museum has grown as a popular ghost hunting destination over the years.

Casey Billhimer serves as Elkton Historical Society’s head of the house committee and oversees the museum. He said unexplained activity was commonly experienced by the building’s renovation team in the mid-1990s, and most groups looking for evidence of ghosts have left as believers.

“We’ve had at least six different paranormal groups over the years. … Each of the groups that have done the paranormal investigations have had some type of activity,” he said.

Lunar Paranormal Virginia was founded by Elkton resident Cherie Breeden five years ago after she began diving into the paranormal world 10 years prior to investigate her own haunted home.

The team’s toolkit for connecting with the other side includes a spirit box radio, electromagnetic field detectors and a screen capture software camera, as well as less conventional tools like light-up cat toys that respond to movement.

“It’s basically a way for participants to have a real experience. It is a real investigation,” Breeden said. “It usually leaves people thinking twice because we do have activity at our events, and the spirits are receptive.”

Half the proceeds of the tour go to restoration of the museum and half go to caring for feral cat colonies in Elkton.

“My husband and I are directors of Elkton Historical Society, so we feel strongly about trying to preserve this beautiful architecture,” Breeden said. “It’s working out because the public is interested in the paranormal and helping with preservation.”

Billhimer said Lunar Paranormal has raised over $1,600.

Elkton Cats is a community Breeden created to assist in trapping, neutering and fostering the local undomesticated cat population. Breeden said she works alongside organizations such as Cat’s Cradle to sponsor the spaying, neutering and fostering of some animals, but the medical bills and cost of food for 24 cats are constant financial drains.

Dr. Donald Molnar is a hospital-based internal medicine doctor who works in the paranormal community under the name Haunted, M.D. Molnar is based in Charlottesville and runs independent investigations but also freelances consulting other groups, such as Lunar Paranormal.

“I was there with Cherie last fall. There was a lot of activity. … It seemed like every room we went into, we had activity,” Molnar said of the Elkton museum. “It’s one of those places that always seems to have activity.”

Miller-Kite Museum is located at 310 E. Rockingham St. Sunday’s tour is booked, but the next tour at the museum led by Lunar Paranormal Virginia on Sept. 11 has spots available on Eventbrite for $25 per person.

5 most haunted spots in the world

According to Cormick Evans of

Labor Day is next week, meaning it’s now fall, meaning it’s the spooky season! Although, this year’s been chock full of horrors right from the start. But now we can all pretend to be scared about things that won’t phase us at all. Ghosts? Poltergeists? Angry, unmasked Karens are the only thing making anyone’s blood run cold this fall. But, if you’re craving some good old-fashioned jump-scares, try visiting these five super-haunted places worldwide.  

5 Most Haunted Places in the World

Photo by Carlos de Miguel on Unsplash

Aradale Asylum

Victoria, Australia

Photo by Andy Li on Unsplash

This psychiatric hospital operated for 126 years until 1993, housing Victoria’s mentally ill. During the height of its operation, the building was home to over 1000 patients. Aradale is just one of 65 buildings in this “city within a city.” The entire property spans well over 600 acres. During one of the two-hour tours offered to the public, you explore the Ararat Hospital’s wards and treatment halls. You can also visit J Ward, which housed the criminally insane. Ghost tours visit the gallows and gravesites for a real spooky experience. 

The Portland Underground

Oregon, United States

Photo by Umit Aslan on Unsplash

For almost a century, Portland, Oregon, was the site of human trafficking. Saloon-owners outfitted their Portland operations with trapdoors, making it easy for them to seize drunk men in the bars and drop them into the Portland Underground. They then drugged the men and sold them as unpaid labor to ships. Ghost tours participants get a flashlight before descending into the underground network where ghosts of dead victims haunt the passages. Men who survived often worked for years as captives on ships, sometimes making their way back home.

Poveglia Island

Venice, Italy

Photo by Joshua Stannard on Unsplash

This island is even more spooky thanks to the events of this year. It’s the place where the term “quarantine” originated. Venice forced incoming ships to dock on Poveglia Island for 40 days to prove they didn’t carry the plague. Consequentially, the island was the last resting place for over 160,000 people. Rumor says human remains make up over half the island. Although the island’s closed to the public, five ghost-hunting Americans attempted to spend the night in 2016. They called for a midnight rescue, claiming harassment by malicious spirits.

The Ancient Ram Inn

Gloucestershire, England

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Built on top of a pagan ritual ground in the 12th century, guests now stay in Wotton-under-Edge’s haunted inn to experience the paranormal phenomenon. Legend states devil-worshipping pagans once sacrificed children on the site. Now, visitors claim to hear screams and babies crying, feel invisible hands pushing them, and even see mist ascending the staircase.

Burg Wolfsegg 

Wolfsegg, Germany

Photo by Eric Marty on Unsplash

Ulrich Von Laaber built this castle in the 13th century to act as a stronghold in the area. War took him from home, leaving his young, beautiful wife a little bored. When her distractions included an affair, Laaber had her killed. It’s now her spirit, the White Woman, who haunts the castle’s hall. Rumor has it there’s a mysterious hole in the woods filled with the bones of Von Laaber and his sons. Still, the hole remains hidden in the forest while the castle’s open for public tours. 

Loftus Hall is for sale!

Loftus Hall in county Wexford — also known as the most haunted house in Ireland — has gone up for sale for €2,496,511.

The 22 bedroom mansion has been a spooky attraction for tourists since 2012 with a number of paranormal sightings reported.

The once stately home, first built in 1170, is now in need of a sprucing up, with decaying paneling and peeling wallpaper hanging from the walls.

Loftus Hall
Pic: Shutterstock

The earliest ghostly legend associated with Loftus Hall is a well known Irish tale from back in 1766 when the house was owned by Lord and Lady Tottenham and their daughter, Lady Anne.

One stormy night, the Lord and Lady are said to have allowed a gentleman into their home to shelter him.

Loftus Hall
Pic: Loftus Hall

During a game of cards, Lady Anne bent down to pick up a card that had fallen, when she spotted the stranger had the cloven hooves of the devil.

Lady Anne let out an almighty scream and suddenly the stranger disappeared into thin air.

Loftus Hall
Pic: Loftus Hall

From that night on, Lady Anne was never the same. She went into a state of madness and was locked away in the family tapestry room, passing away soon after.

Following her death, both servants and family members in the household are said to have seen her spirit roaming the halls of the mansion.

Loftus Hall
Pic: Loftus Hall

Today, the property is often visited by paranormal thrill-seekers on ghost hunts and tours of the haunted building.

In 2011, brothers Aidan and Shane Quigley bought the mansion for €625,000, then spent tens of thousands of euro renovating the building to use in their ghost tour.

Loftus Hall
Pic: Loftus Hall

However, now this home can be yours for just under €2.5 million — ghosts included!

Deceased Bollywood Actor speaks to American? Fat chance say Indians

On July 21, Chicago-based paranormal activity expert Steven Huff announced that he had spoken to the spirit of the late Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput. The disputable claim broke the Internet.

Huff claimed that he called the late actor’s spirit after receiving several requests from his fans. He said it was the first time he has spoken to an Indian celebrity.

Just at a time when Sushant’s fans were still reeling from the shock of Sushant’s death, the alleged interaction of his spirit with Huff has fuelled the conversation over the actor’s apparent suicide.

In the video, Steven Huff is seen questioning the ‘spirit’ of Sushant. A voice can be heard responding to his questions including if he (Sushant) is getting light ‘there’ and if he needs something; the voice is heard saying, “I am getting the light” and “need love”.

In the second video, Huff is seen asking the ‘spirit’ about what happened the night before he died and if someone had indeed killed him. The ‘spirit’s’ voice is again heard revealing that Sushant had a ‘big argument with men’ and ‘they brought nails’.

Huff’s videos have attained over seven million views in just a few days, but the Indian paranormal fraternity has condemned the video as a fake communication with the deceased actor.

Paranormal activity researcher Shishir Thakur thinks that, technically, these are fake sessions. “Normally, a paranormal investigator first investigates the haunting — which is a house or an object. It’s not about powers to summon an entity or ghost. A ghost would not leave the periphery of the house or object if it is emotionally attached to it. So summoning is not acceptable,” Shishir explains.

Hunting the haunted

Paranormal activities are stimulating but beyond the mundane. While it is difficult to determine whether ghosts and spirits exist, paranormal researchers claim they do hold the key to a walkway to the spirits, thanks to the expansion of technology and several modern tools.

Even so, Devraj Sanyal, a paranormal activity researcher and founder of Detectives of Supernatural Activities in Kolkata, doubts Huff’s methods. “That’s possible only when someone close to the deceased person calls him/her,” says Devraj.

“A layman who has never interacted with the dead person can’t just call his spirit. Moreover, it needs to be done within the same vicinity for any chance to ‘call’ the spirit. Steve Huff did this investigation in a different country while the actor died in India.”

The researcher condemns Huff’s claim, calling it a mere publicity stunt. “This is distinctly not possible. There was no one with him who was close to Sushant. Why would a spirit come and talk to a stranger?”

Shishir Thakur also claims that communicating with ghosts and spirits is as hard as communicating with a stranger. Picking holes in Steven Huff’s claims, Shishir adds, “You do one session, and the ghost answers everything as if you are the last hope? In this case, either the paranormal investigator is dumb or thinks that the world is dumb enough to believe him.”

Spirits do communicate

Claims about the paranormal or supernatural are not new of course. In the past, several Indian bigwigs have claimed to have reached out to their deceased family members. Yash Birla had revealed in the past that he found peace only after he spoke to the spirit of his dead mother Sunanda Birla, who had died in a plane crash.

Another corporate titan also once revealed that the spirit of his nephew came to speak to his mother, which helped her reconcile.

Paranormal activity researcher and author Vikram Dewan believes this happens for real. “But it is not as simple as switching on a TV like Huff makes it look,” he states.

Another paranormal activity investigator, Subhajit Saha, explains that the desires of the soul with an unfulfilled wish, do not go away, adding that we can also mark the spirits and communicate with them through a proper investigation.

“If the deceased person died an unnatural death then there is a possibility for the spirit to remain there in the place.

There are several tools which can help in finding spirits,” says the researcher and shows the possibility that since Yash Birla’s mother and Anand Mahindra’s nephew had died accidental deaths, “It was possible to access the spirits if a close one calls them, but in Sushant’s case, it is not possible. Anyone can make such fake videos,” Subhajit states.

Not normal but paranormal

All this is hard for many not to look at with some amount of scepticism. And Subhajit agrees that anything an active eye does not witness is considered ‘paranormal’.

“For instance, the use of electromagnetic field meter — which mostly used to monitor high frequency radiation — in a 300-year-old fort that never had electricity will create fluctuations. For someone who doesn’t understand the process, this activity would seem paranormal,” explains Subhajit.

“Paranormal activities do happen, but that needs an intelligent source of energy to determine and communicate. Moreover, if you get the answer you want to hear, you even believe it.”

While investigators do not shy away from mentioning that spirits do communicate and they can be called by the loved ones with a process, Vikram Dewan points out the flaws in the process.

“Sometimes, the invoker may use a guide spirit or deity to incite and invite the spirit, but if the spirit is not cooperative or disinterested, it may lead to devastating consequences. So, while paranormal is for real and spirits do connect with the physical world, there is always the question of authenticity and motives of those involved in the process,” he cautions.

Spirit of monk?

Ghost hunter convinced he’s captured ‘spirit of a monk’ on film at Egerton hotel


A ghost hunter is convinced he captured the spirit of a monk on camera during a paranormal investigation at an abandoned hotel.

Kriss Power, 37, believes he caught the robed, eight-foot figure on footage he filmed at the derelict Egerton House Hotel.

He made the chilling discovery when he watched the footage back after investigating the site, which dates back to around 1860.

The 200-year-old Victorian building was owned by a local businessman before it became a hotel. It closed down in 2014 and it has laid boarded up and abandoned ever since.

In spooky footage, Kriss says a torch turned itself on and a faint voice can be heard saying: “Help me.”

And elsewhere in the building, his girlfriend Sharon Vickers captured a picture of what appears to be a ghost-like arm coming through a door in the bar.

Kriss, who filmed the footage on Saturday night for his YouTube channel North West Ghost Adventures, said: “The building is boarded up, there is no way any light could have come in through the windows.

“The torch came on and started flashing and the radio started playing by itself.

“When I said ‘if there is any spirits here, show yourself in the beacon of light’, that’s when it appeared.

“I didn’t notice it at the time, it was only when I watched it back that I saw it on film.

“The spirit appears in front of the torch and it goes black, then disappears.”

Kriss, who lives in Urmston, said he believes the spirit to be the ghost of a monk that has haunted him since childhood – and stayed with him ever since.

He added: “It’s weird that it should show itself like that while I was investigating the building.

“I have been seeing the spirit since I was about five. It would show itself to me and I would be terrified.

“He’s about eight foot tall and faceless, with a black robe, it’s quite menacing.”

Kriss, who takes part in regular paranormal investigations, added: “It validates my belief that the afterlife exists.

“We don’t just die and that’s it. We are all energy and our energy lives on after the physical body dies.

“When we die physically, we are still alive in spirit.”

Kriss said he has been gifted with a spiritual connection since childhood and while it “frightened the life” out of him as youngster, he now confronts spirits.

He teams up with other paranormal investigators and films his findings for his YouTube channel which has almost 4,000 subscribers.

He added: “It is a bit scary, I admit. But if you show fear, it senses that and feeds off your fear.

“They get energy from fear, so I can’t show it.”

Screen Rant’s 10 best Horror Films based on real hauntings

Horror movies based on true events are always way more horrifying than a plain old ghost story, which is why so many make this claim. Films like The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity thrived off the idea that the film was actually genuine found-footage and continued to become ever so popular due to this.

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Stories that could be real and have been proven to happen and stories based on true events haunt viewers to the core with the simple idea of “that could have been me.” A lot of people don’t believe in ghosts, and even less believe that ghosts could actually haunt or possess people in the way they do in horror movies. Yet, ghost stories seem to be one of the most popular in the genre. Here are some famous paranormal horror movies that were based on actual reported hauntings.

10. Winchester

The real story of Sarah Winchester goes like this: she was a widow to the son of the Winchester Repeating Arms Company’s fortune. Once he passed, Sarah had been convinced by a local psychic that she had a curse placed upon her by all the people who had been killed with a Winchester gun. Sarah believed the psychic’s tellings due to her unfortunate life and the death of everyone around her, and she was also told that as long as she kept on adding new segments to the house, she would be safe. The spirits that were plaguing her would be confused and not immediately enter the “new” part of the house.

9. The Conjuring

The Conjuring is based on the haunting Perron family in Rhode Island. The film is the beginning of The Conjuring series and universe that follows Ed and Lorraine Warren, two very real and famous paranormal investigators during the 1970s. The house reported had a number of ghosts haunting the premise, but one, in particular, that was incredibly malevolent spirit named Bathsheba, a rumored witch who had lived in the farmhouse nearly an entire century prior. The real Perrons and Lorainne consulted with the crew of this film to make sure it was an accurate telling of what happened on that farm.

8. The Conjuring 2

Like the first film, The Conjuring 2 is also based on true events. This film dramatized the story a lot more and added a number of different spirits who were irrelevant to the actual haunting. This story took place in London, and the Warrens barely took part in the investigation. Dubbed the Enfield Poltergeist, the Hodgeson family was being haunted by a man named Bill Wilkins, who had reportedly lived in the house before them and died of a brain hemorrhage.

Bill is said to have possessed one of the three children of the family, Janet. The interesting note about this case is that it is also one of the first times a “ghost” was listed in a police report as two of the officers who responded to a call saw chairs moving without being forced. There is also a recording that could be found online of Bill speaking throw Janet in a deep man’s voice telling the interviewer about his life.

7. The Exorcist

The Exorcist is sometimes regarded as the horror movie that started the fascination with ghosts and the paranormal and is still dubbed as one of the scariest movies of all time. The film was based on the possession of a fourteen-year-old boy under the pseudonym Roland Doe that had begun to act rather strangely after using an Ouija Board.

Roland had scratches all over his body, his parents could hear disembodied voices, and, like every story on this list so far, furniture would move unexpectedly. The family called Catholic Priest Raymond J. Bishop, who recorded his notes in a journal that was later used in the making of the film.

6. The Exorcism Of Emily Rose

Another possession story, only this film also questions the integrity and truth of possession over mental illness. A lot of people question whether Roland from The Exorcist story was actually possessed. Some even questioned if he was real at all. The Exorcism of Emily Rose plays on this doubt. The film all takes place during a court case against the Catholic church for neglect. One side argues possession, while the other argues mental illness.

At 17, Annalise Michel was diagnosed with epilepsy, but the medications didn’t help, as she claimed she was a being possessed. After taking a number of other medications for other illnesses and undergoing 67 exorcisms in a span of 10 months, Annalise stopped eating and died of starvation. Her parents and the priests were convicted of negligent homicide for allowing her to starve.

5. Child’s Play

Chucky is famous for being a murderous doll trying to put his soul into the human body to literally get away with murder. Chucky was able to place his corrupted soul in the body of the “Good Guy” doll using voodoo. The story of Child’s Play is actually based on the story of Robert the Doll, who still resides down in Key West, Florida.

Robert was a doll owned by painter Robert Eugene Otto and was allegedly gifted to him by a young woman as retaliation for the wrongdoings his family did to her. After Robert received the doll, he gave his name to the doll and asked to be called Eugene from then on. Whenever something went wrong in the house, or mischieve acts were done, Eugene always blamed Robert. While his parents didn’t listen to him, Eugene’s mother felt threatened by the dependence her son had on Robert and ended up locking him away upstairs. People who would pass by the house would sometimes see Robert looking out the window, his gaze following them as they passed.

4. Annabelle

Like Robert the Doll, Annabelle is another possessed doll story. This story was made popular by The Conjuring series, as the doll had its first appearance in the first film and then received its own three films. The actual Annabelle doll is a Raggedy Ann and can be found in the Warren’s Occult Museum.

The story of Annabelle is very similar to the first few minutes of the Annabelle film. Roommates found the doll, and, no matter what they did, it would always come back. Eventually, they called the Warrens, who had claimed an “inhuman presence” had attached itself to the doll and took it off their hands.

3. The Possession

The Possession is about a haunted item called a Dybbuk Box. The Dybbuk Box is said to hold a demon that escaped Sheol. The owner of the box, James Haxton, who received it from an estate sale, had a number of strange happenings when the box was under his care.

He got the box for his mother as a birthday gift, and she almost instantly had a stroke after receiving it. Later, he had a number of people in his house who all had the same horrifying nightmare the same night. After this, James listed the box on eBay.

2. Poltergeist

Poltergeist is another famous ghost story of a family moving to a house that sat on an ancient burial ground. The Hermann family in Long Island, New York moved into a new home that they soon discovered to be haunted. The happenings in the house were like that of a typical haunting; things moved when no one was around, chairs would flip and get thrown around, getting more and more violent until the family moved away.

1. The Amityville Horror

The Amityville Horror is based on true events in which Ed and Lorainne are actually most famous for. Fans of The Conjuring series are hoping for the universe’s own rendition of the story. The story is about a family that moves into a house for super cheap due to a wild murder-suicide by the family that was there prior.

The new family is haunted by the spirits of the previous family and by the spirits that were said to have possessed the killer in the first place. The picture above was caught during a tour years later, supposedly of the youngest boy killed.