Allegedly True Ghost Stories of 2019

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Couple’s new home was “the stuff of horror movies”

The Hobo Hill home in Jefferson City, Mo., is allegedly haunted by hundreds of spirits. (Photo: Courtesy of Aaron Clark)

The Hobo Hill home in Jefferson City, Mo., is allegedly haunted by hundreds of spirits. (Photo: Courtesy of Aaron Clark)

After relocating from their Jefferson City, Mo. home because they were convinced it belonged to “hundreds of spirits,” a couple is now renting out the apparently haunted property on Airbnb.

In October 2017, Aaron and Erin Clark bought the 5,000-square-foot house, called “Hobo Hill,” so-named for the masses of homeless people that historically occupied the land. A few months after moving in, they claim, there were strange occurrences — displaced noises, footsteps and shadowy figures. “Every night at 11:15 p.m., I heard the same sound in the attic,” Aaron tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “It was as though someone dropped a heavy box and was dragging it across the floor.”

The couple’s daughter, then 7, also began sleepwalking. “She walked with a shuffle and a tilted head, and spoke in tongues — the stuff of horror movies,” says Aaron. “One night, I found her sobbing at her bedroom window. Then, she turned around with the creepiest, widest smile, like she was possessed.”

The energy in the house was aggressive, says Aaron, a former police officer, even scaring the family’s pet pit bull, who refused to approach the stairs. “Every time I was in the basement, I felt like someone was jumping on my back,” he says. “And people who visited my attic felt a touch on their shoulder.”

The most profound evidence of a haunting: The couple kept seeing a man wearing a suit and a top hat near the stairway. “We saw him out of the corner of our eye and then he would vanish,” says Aaron. They were desperate to cleanse their home, consulting a priest for holy water and hiring paranormal investigators, who claimed hundreds of spirits lived in the basement.

“After seven months, we had enough,” Aaron tells Yahoo Lifestyle. To prevent another family from experiencing the same disturbances, the couple now rents the property through Evolve, a vacation rental platform that lists the home on Airbnb and other websites, attracting brave and curious visitors. “Guests have seen shadow people, orbs and one group was too scared to spend the night, checking out at midnight.”

The property was featured in an August episode of the Travel Channel’s The Dead Files.

Now the family has found peace in a new home and rarely visits, except for Erin’s mother, who is the caretaker. She claims that an invisible force knocked her off a stepladder while painting and while cleaning and that she heard footsteps in the attic. “My daughter calls it ‘the scary house,’” says Aaron.

Barmen allege thirsty ghosts showed up for last call

In July, two months after the opening of Milner’s Gate brewery in Idaho, two barmen captured what they believe to be ghostly patrons showing up for last call. In YouTube security footage, four barstools move out from under the bar, as if pulled by someone — or something — taking a seat. A second video, filmed days later, showed a ghostly light “dancing” in front of the bar.

General manager Chris Erke tells Yahoo Lifestyle that the Freemasons, a secret, worldwide fraternity, once met with regularity on the property. The timing, he says, was ironic.

“We found a clock that was stopped at the 11th hour, and our staff decided to continue a Freemasonry tradition in which every morning and night at 11, we ring a bell for a fallen member,” says Erke. Both ghostly episodes were recorded at 10:59 p.m.

Since the video, employees have heard voices and scraping sounds that mimic stools dragged on the floor. “My friend saw a man in a top hat standing behind me,” bartender Brian Rambur tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “And once, late at night, we heard a female voice say, ‘Hello?’ like she wanted service.” Recently, he claims, two frying baskets hanging over a cold kitchen stove did backward flips onto the floor.

The men believe their bar holds meaning for spirits and say paranormal experts have identified one as James, whose voice was heard on tape during an investigation.

Ghost hunters play ball with spirit of dead girl

Paranormal investigators in Ireland say they played with the spirit of a little girl during a ghost hunt at a private home.

According to Sharon Rectory’s Facebook page, a double murder took place at the residence in the 1700s, and Paranormal Investigators Ireland also believe a little girl who witnessed the crimes was killed. Hoping to engage the spirit, whose voice can allegedly be heard throughout the home, they brought a child’s ball to the property.

Ghost hunter Kerry Malone tells Yahoo Lifestyle that while the family who resides in the home is lovely, there is a “heavy” and “hostile” energy in the space. “Normally when we get to a location, the team disperses to set up equipment for the investigation,” she says. “However, in Sharon Rectory, we agreed that no team member should ever be alone for their own safety.”

After placing the ball at the top of the stairs, the crew watched it bounce down the steps on the live footage. When they rushed to the stairs, they felt a “threatening presence.”

Emma Tully, 30, whose parents have lived in the home for 22 years, tells Yahoo Lifestyle that after her parents moved into the home, “Doors slammed and pictures fell off the wall.” Even now, after periods of silence, “all hell breaks loose.”

According to psychic mediums who have visited the home, the spirit girl’s age is estimated as 8. Tully says there is a “demonic energy” attached to the girl’s spirit and visitors are always cautioned.

“The girl has been seen by many in the house, including my sister Victoria and mother,” says Tully. “On many occasions, we have all heard a young girl talking in the house when no one [else] was there. Both myself and my mother have been called ‘Mama’ by something unseen. This happens quite a lot.”

Other spirits who allegedly live in the home, says Tully, are “the Blue Lady,” the spirit of a former occupant, and “the Tall Man,” whom Tully describes as a threatening, seven-foot-tall shadow figure “who appears at night and stands at the end of your bed.” She also alleges that her family has been restrained in their beds “by an unseen force.”

Tully resides in a guest house on the property with her husband and two children, while her parents stay in the main home. The most common question asked of Tully is, of course: Why haven’t her parents moved out? Tully says her parents learned about the severity of the haunting after purchasing the home. “They spent their life savings here so they can’t just leave,” she says. “My parents don’t want to be scared in their own home — they’ve been through a lot.”

Ghost children play in “One of America’s most haunted homes”

In April, Baton Rouge couple Brandon and Taryn Hunt reportedly visited Myrtle’s Plantation in St. Francisville, La., known as “One of America’s most haunted homes.” The 1800s bed-and-breakfast is allegedly haunted by a “slave girl” named Chloe, first photographed in 1992. The couple filmed on the property and, during a playback, saw what resembled three pairs of translucent feet walking across the floor.

“We were freaking out when we saw the video. It was totally surprising. We didn’t know what it was or what to expect, or how that could have happened,” Brandon said, according to the Daily Mail.

Hester Eby of Myrtle’s Plantation tells Yahoo Lifestyle that children have died on the property from yellow fever, poisoning or natural death. “There are spirits here — our ghost children sometimes play with or touch guests to wake them up, but nothing here means harm,” she says.

When young souls are afoot, flowery fragrances, allegedly worn by their mothers, can be detected in the house. “The spirits are where the heart is,” says Eby, adding that rainy weather can draw them out.

“In the South, we welcome spirits,” she tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “We’re glad when guests can capture them on video.”

Invisible energy yanks sleeping baby’s leg

Rob and Becky Moss of Oxford, Mich., turned on their baby monitor this summer to see a white object floating around their 1-year-old son as he slept in his crib. “I said, ‘Rob look at this orb,’” Becky tells Yahoo Lifestyle. Filming the monitor with a cell phone, the couple watched the orb approach the boy. Suddenly, his leg and lower body were lifted into the air, as though he were being yanked.

The video, nearly two minutes long, shows the toddler sitting up, seemingly disturbed by the motion, before falling back toward the mattress. When the Mosses walking into their son’s bedroom, he was sleeping and stirring awake. “I was holding the monitor and we could see the orb on the screen, but not in the room,” Becky tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

Becky says their son has no medical condition that would cause his body to jerk upward in his sleep. There have not been disturbances since — or so they believe — however, Becky says that a few weeks later, while watching the living room camera monitor, she saw an orb drop from the ceiling and make a sharp left, headed toward the bedrooms.

“Something might be in our house but we aren’t fearful and it doesn’t seem negative,” she says. “People have told us to use sage and hire a ghost team, but we don’t want to stir up more activity.”

Market Basket employee claimed elderly ghost appeared in grocery store

One evening in March, former Market Basket baker Christiania Bush was icing a cake at the Wilmington, Mass., branch of the New England supermarket chain, when she looked up and saw a ghost-like woman.

Bush, a ghost skeptic, described the figure to Today. “She was old. She had short curly grandma hair, like every grandmother’s haircut. And she [was] in this white dressing gown and had a white hair cap and she wasn’t wearing shoes. I thought it was really strange she wasn’t wearing shoes.”

In a split second, she says, the woman evaporated. “And when I turned around to bring the cake back to the counter, I saw the lady in the background — she was staring right at me,” Bush told Today. “I looked down for a second because it didn’t register and when I looked back she was gone.”

Bush posted her sighting to Instagram, asking, “This is going to sound really strange… but has anyone seen a ghost in the Wilmington Market Basket?” The post created ghost hysteria, with rumors reaching the Wilmington Police Department, who shared a Facebook video featuring comical “proof” of the haunting (above).

Eventually, Market Basket corporate officials released a statement: “As far as we know all of our stores are ghost-free. But if there’s anything to it, she’s probably attracted to our Victorian-era prices.”

Bush, who no longer works at Market Basket, tells Yahoo Lifestyle that the figure, which stood 15 feet away in the frozen aisle, disappeared when she briefly looked away. “I have never experienced anything like this,” she says. “…I definitely saw her.”


Spirit Orb or Just a bug? People speculating after Video surfaces showing a woman faint after being touched by a mysterious flying object at The Zak Bagans’ Haunted museum.

Zak Bagans’s Haunted Museum in Las Vegas regularly draws ghost believers. According to the museum’s website, the 1938 building houses freaky artifacts such as a wine cabinet that contains a “malicious spirit” that allegedly inspired the 2012 film The Possession, while a “black-cloaked figure” has been occasionally seen on tours.

In June, a woman visiting got so spooked by an alleged “ghost orb” that she fainted to the ground in security footage.

Tour guide Earle Brown told news station KSNV in June, “A spirit orb, spirits can manifest in these orbs of light. A lot of times, when spirits touch you, they can drain your energy and it can happen quite quickly. When that happens, you literally can go down.”

Brown also said he doubted the object was a bug, due to its speed and movement.

Bagans, the star of Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures, who reportedly just purchased the Los Angeles home where two people were murdered by Charles Manson’s followers, tells Yahoo Lifestyle that guests often get spooked during tours.

“This is actually a very common event at the museum,” says Bagans. “A week later, another woman got touched by a ball of light and had the same effect of being knocked off balance and falling, which was also captured on video.”

Baby monitor captures ghost near crib after scratches appear on child

When a 1-year-old girl in Michigan woke up with purple scratches on her face, her parents checked the baby monitor and reportedly viewed a ghostly presence walking by the crib, startling their daughter, Lily.

“It was chilling,” father Joshua Higgins told WXYZ. “It was literally a chill down your spine. Like that ‘what if’ factor — Is this what I just saw?’”

Heather Brough, Lily’s mom, said, “It’s almost like she sees something that we don’t.” She added that whatever allegedly scratched their daughter came for her, too. “It scares us that it could do something else,” Brough told WXYZ. “I mean, there was a morning I woke up and I felt like someone’s hands were around my neck.”

According to the Daily Mail, Brough has heard “screaming, stomping and laughing” in the home. “There have been times where me and my fiancé would wake up in the morning and I would hear an angry male voice — like someone had stubbed their toe,” she reportedly said. The couple lives in a guest house belonging to Higgins’ parents, reported People.

The couple could not be reached by Yahoo Lifestyle for comment.

Mom records “Dobby” ghost figure hobbling down her driveway

One of the creepiest moments of 2019 comes courtesy of a Colorado mom whose home security camera caught a ghostly figure hobbling down her driveway late one evening.

In June, Vivian Gomez shared the 11-second video, seen by 16 million viewers, on Facebook. It featured a small white figure exiting her house, casting a shadow on the fence, and flapping its arms like a chicken as it waddled down the driveway.

“So I woke up Sunday morning and saw this on my camera and am trying to figure out… what the heck??” Gomez wrote. “First I saw the shadow walking from my front door then I saw this thing … has anyone else seen this on their cameras?? The other two cameras didn’t pick it up for some reason.”

Skeptics cast the figure as Gomez’s 9-year-old son sleepwalking or dancing with underwear on his head. A majority said it resembled “Dobby,” an elf from the film Harry Potter, or an alien-ghost hybrid.“This wasn’t altered or photoshopped and no trick photography,” Gomez wrote on Facebook.

Gomez did not return Yahoo Lifestyle’s requests for comment. When speaking to Inside Edition, Gomez said the figure was not her son Bobby. “No… I wouldn’t let him out at dark by himself,” she said.

The mother’s camera only recorded 10 seconds of footage, she told the website, but she believes the entity disappeared into a field across the street.

Mom terrified to turn on baby monitor when ‘ghost woman’ visits daughter

Los Angeles mom Natalie Wallace saw a pink-and-purple figure standing over her sleeping daughter's crib. (Photo: Courtesy of Natalie Wallace)

Los Angeles mom Natalie Wallace saw a pink-and-purple figure standing over her sleeping daughter’s crib. (Photo: Courtesy of Natalie Wallace)

In June, Los Angeles mom Natalie Wallace checked her Cocoon Cam baby monitor, recording her sleeping six-month-old baby, and saw weird splotches on the screen. While the cam’s motion detector creates colored images indicating movement, Ruby was sleeping motionless, says Wallace.

“I joked to my husband, ‘What if it’s ghosts?’” Wallace tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “I said aloud, ‘Spirits, if you’re here, give us a sign.’ And three red lines appeared on the screen.”

The next evening, Wallace’s husband replayed footage of their napping daughter and saw a pink-and-purple figure, shaped like a woman, floating over the bassinet. Other frames showed a group of human-like shapes watching over the sleeping baby.

Gary McMath, marketing chief at Cocoon, told the Wall Street Journal that poor installation likely generated the mysterious figures. “When the camera is properly installed, the computer vision would focus on the baby’s motions — waking, sleeping, even breathing,” he said.

McMath also said curtain movement can create the splotches (though, as the WSJ states, there were no curtains in the baby’s room). “We have gotten a few calls/emails asking about similar phenomena,” he said.

A company spokesperson tells Yahoo Lifestyle, “Our product, Cocoon Cam, is intended for monitoring children when sleeping to ensure their safety and wellbeing. There are no other intended purposes for Cocoon Cam beyond this prescribed usage.”

Wallace, however, suspects that her home is haunted, which she says she confirmed with a medium. “She said the female figure is one of my grandmothers, who is benevolent,” she tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “The others are all connected to the home in some way.”

Since Wallace’s images went viral in a local Facebook mom group, she’s (politely) asked any spirits to leave and has considered calling a ghost-hunting group to investigate. “I haven’t turned on the baby monitor all summer,” she admits. “But I’m ready to look again.”

Woman claims ghost got into bed with her sleeping father

A 24-year-old woman caused panic in April by tweeting footage of her father allegedly sleeping with a ghost. “My dad has been feeling his sheets being messed with and someone sitting on his bed in the night so he set up a camera,” wrote Shyann Rachael. “This is what he saw. I’m freaked tf out.”

She wrote, “Look really closely to the sheets lifting in the beginning on the left of the screen. That wasn’t him! He was dead asleep. And if you look really closely something shoots out of the sheet when it drops to the right and then disappears. It’s gray and kinda looks like a head!??”

In Rachael’s footage, while her father sleeps, his covers are disturbed as if someone is getting into bed with him. Then, a figure appears to sit up and disappears, while blankets settle back down on the bed.

Rachael did not return Yahoo Lifestyle’s requests for comment. But she tweeted that her father used a motion-activated home security camera to capture his strange bedmate.

When asked how long her parents have lived in the home, Rachael answered, “Like 10 years but my parents collect antiques and weird old sh*t, so I think they brought something into the house with an attachment.”

Haunted Denver, Colorado

A new “haunted” food tour takes wannabe ghost-hunters to the spookiest Denver restaurants

Tragic but true: Colorado has been around for awhile, and at some point, someone has died pretty much everywhere.

A 150-year-old building in Larimer Square? Dead people. A jail-turned-fondue restaurant in Littleton? You know it’s got some freaky stuff happening. The longest-running bar in LoDo? Ghost stories aplenty.

It almost doesn’t matter whether or not we believe. If a restaurant or bar has a haunted history, we want to know more. We want to experience the unexplainable, to be flooded with adrenaline when the threats aren’t real, to be scared by the paranormal because our real-world normal has become so frightening.

To capitalize on our desire to be spooked, haunted tours abound, including the new Nightly Spirits food tour that takes wannabe ghost-hunters around downtown for shepherd’s pie served with a side of hair-raising haunted lore. (According to representatives, the tour stops at Rose & Thorn, Brass Tacks, The Celtic on Market and Corridor 44.)

Bryan Bonner, member of the Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society, which uses a scientific approach to study — and often explain away — supernatural claims, gets the appeal of our culture’s obsession with the paranormal.

“It’s something that’s inherent in human nature. We always have tried to give some sort of supernatural explanation to things we don’t understand,” Bonner said. “With the extreme popularity of the paranormal in the media, people jump to the paranormal way faster than they should. People are easily convinced that things are paranormal, especially if they’re really wanting it to be.”

And we seem to really want them to be. Bonner told the story of a now-closed restaurant in Larimer Square that advertised itself as having a resident ghost.

“Then they admitted that they made the whole thing up. We’re running into that a lot more — places that don’t have a historic haunted history but wanting to be haunted because a haunted restaurant makes a lot more money,” Bonner said.

If you want to believe in ghosts — and also appreciate a stiff drink and a solid meal — here are some bars and restaurants with a reputation for having haunted histories.

The Melting Pot

“Oh yeah, we all have them,” an employee said of The Melting Pot’s ghost stories. Most of the waitstaff has a bizarre experience to share, like seeing reflections of faces in glass cases, hearing footsteps when no one was there, overhearing conversations between invisible people and seeing faucets turn themselves on. The building was once the Littleton police department and jail, and the ghastly rumor is that a prisoner, after killing an officer during an escape attempt, was gunned down before he got away. Could the jailbird specter be spending his eternity turning fondue restaurant faucets on? Not likely. Bonner investigated The Melting Pot and explained the faucets switching themselves on as cameras’ infrared beams triggering the automatic sensors on them. (Buzzkill.) 2707 W. Main St., Littleton, 303-794-5666;

One of the oldest bars in Denver, the Oxford Hotel’s glamorous bar has tons of history – and lore.(Cyrus McCrimmon, The Denver Post)

The Cruise Room

One of the oldest bars in Denver, the Oxford Hotel’s glamorous bar has tons of history, including the legend of a postal worker who bellied up to the bar at Christmastime on his way to deliver presents in Central City. It didn’t go well for this Santa, though: The body of the postal worker was found thawing the following spring, presents undelivered. Susan Wieser, general manager of The Cruise Room, said that around Christmastime, people have reported seeing a man in an old-timey postal uniform come in, order a beer, complain about the prices and then leave the beer untouched. The bathrooms, once the site of a barbershop, are believed to be haunted, too, with shadowy figures popping up in the mirrors and the smells of a barbershop wafting through the stalls. 1600 17th St., Denver, 303-628-5400;

Neon Baby (formerly The House of Mirrors, and a part of Lodo’s Bar & Grill)

“That building was one of Denver’s first brothels. It’s got murder mysteries, and it has a very vivid ghost history to go with it,” Bonner said. One of the ladies who worked at The House of Mirrors, Ella Wellington, died in an upstairs room by a gunshot wound to the head. According to the tale, she had a politician in the room with her when she died. He said it was suicide, but him being a politician and all, some doubted the validity of the claim and thought that maybe he killed her. Over the years, employees reported unusual stuff happening upstairs, like the piano playing itself, the elevator moving between floors without being summoned and a woman walking around when the building was supposedly empty. Bonner and the Rocky Mountain Paranormal Society did some investigations in the building, and during their first visit he said they came away with a recording of a conversation between two men who were definitely not there. Now, the space is used as a disco club, which is a whole other sort of ghost. 1942 Market St., Denver

Brass Tacks

“Brass Tacks is probably the most haunted,” said Jared Broach, chief spirit hunter/taster of Nightly Spirits (we can’t make this stuff up) of the Denver haunted food tour. Previously, the bar/restaurant was the Blake Street Vault, and a while before that, a brothel (yes, another one). The story you’ll hear on the tour is about Lydia, one of the most popular — and let’s just say aggressive — prostitutes who lived there. “One time, she took it too far and got into an argument with a guy not expecting that,” Broach said. “He pushed her down the basement stairs and broke her neck.” Broach said that employees have heard the sound of high heels walking around, have seen Lydia show up out of nowhere, and have seen an image of a woman flicker on an upstairs television set. The kicker? The television set didn’t work. 1526 Blake St., Denver;

The Nightly Spirits tour makes a stop at Rose & Thorn on 17th Street. (Provided by Wander PR)

Rose & Thorn

The pan-Latin restaurant may be new, but the building is not. At this stop on the Nightly Spirits tour, Broach talks of the 17th Street underground tunnels that connected the Market Street brothels (brothels again!) to area hotels. Ghosts believed to haunt the tunnels include several from The House of Mirrors and even the Denver Strangler himself. Jessa Robuck, senior vice president of operations for the restaurant, said she’s experienced weird vibes, especially in the basement. Just last week she said a motion detection camera caught a door locked from the outside open itself at 4:50 a.m. Was it a ghost? A malfunctioning lock? The Denver Strangler back from the dead? We may never know. 1433 17th St., Denver, 303-367-3533;

The Palace Arms at the Brown Palace Hotel is, like the rest of the hotel, steeped in history. (Provided by Brown Palace Hotel)

The Brown Palace

“The Brown Palace has more than its fair share of ghost stories,” Bonner said. The high-end hotel, which houses a few bars and restaurants, including Palace Arms, Ellyngton’s and the Churchill Bar, however, doesn’t want anything to do with them. A representative for the hotel said that they’d rather not promote this ghostly angle, but noted that The Brown does conduct private Enduring Spirits ghost tours. Bonner’s favorite Brown Palace story is of a restaurant staff member cleaning up when he heard big band music coming from another room. “He went in and nobody was there,” Bonner said. Others have reported lights turning themselves on and off, creeping carpets and apparitions dressed as train conductors (part of the hotel once housed a railroad ticket office). 321 17th St., Denver, 303-297-3111;

Ghostly figure spotted in open window at abandoned mental asylum

As always, you be the judge

A team of paranormal investigators from ‘Spirit Walkers’ captured a spooky image which they believed to be a ghost standing by an open window at an abandoned mental asylum, Pool Parc, in Ruthin – north Wales.

The team also claimed for having video footage with the “growling” and “screaming” noises coming from inside the mental asylum.

Six ghost hunters from the group Spirit Walkers went into the 200-year-old manor house armed with specialist equipment including night vision cameras and EVP (electronic voice phenomena) devices on August 10, reported.

Beth Hopper, 32, who runs Spirit Walkers, said they only discovered the haunting images once they returned home. She said one image appears to show a shadowy figure standing next to a noose.

The mum from Chester, said: “We were filming through a broken window and I just can’t explain the growling sound I heard on the film when I got back to the car.

“It’s about one minute and five seconds into the footage, I thought: ‘What the hell is that?’

“I also got those screams on the electronic voice phenomena. It was quite disturbing. People have said to me they can hear the sound of torture.

“If you picture the mental asylum and what might’ve happened there, that might explain it. It is just a horrible sound.

“I’ve been there several times and have heard voices and footsteps. One girl said she felt a nurse was standing right in front of her in the dark.

“We’d also heard reports of an ex-patient there who thinks he’s a Roman soldier and who marches up and down the corridor and throws stones at people.

“I was glad to get out of there in the end! But then when we did we saw a noose hanging from a window that we hadn’t spotted with our torches before we went in.

“It wasn’t until I lightened the picture later that we saw what could be a figure in the window. It was pretty creepy.

Pool Parc dates back to the 16th Century when it was home to the Salesbury family and the manor house was rebuilt for William Bagot, 2nd Baron Bagot, in the 1820s.

It was apparently lost in a bet by the Bagot family and was later sold to the District Health Authority, becoming a convalescent home and then an asylum, used as an overspill for North Wales Hospital in Denbigh before closing in 1989.

Haunted St. Augustine

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. – We are less than 50 days away from Halloween, but if you’re adventurous and love a good ghost story, there are haunted places nearby that you can visit 365 days a year. 

St. Augustine, the oldest city in the United States, is known for its history. The city has faced war, diseases and hurricanes. 

The small town is also known for spirits, spooky tales and hauntings.

The Ghosts & Gravestones tour made a list of the most haunted places around town. 

1. The Old Jail – It is said that “painful moaning and chains rattling within the gallows where many prisoners were executed” can be heard by those who visit. Late-night visitors also have reported hearing heavy footsteps throughout the jail. 

2. Castillo de San Marcos – The Castillo de San Marcos was built between 1672 and 1695, making it the oldest and largest masonry fort in the continental United States. The fort was built to protect the city against foreign invasion. The fortress went through many battles. Spirits are said to roam around the fort on the inside and outside. Next time you take a photo at night, check for orbs or anything suspicious. 

The fort has been featured on many television shows including “Monumental Mysteries” and “Ghost Adventures.”

3. Spanish Military Hospital – Thousands of human bones were discovered during construction under the Spanish Military Hospital in 1821. Some say you can still hear voices. “Even before the remains were unearthed, workers and patients inside the hospital reported an evil spirit roaming the wards,” Ghosts & Gravestones said. 

4. Huguenot Cemetery – All cemeteries are creepy, right? Visitors report capturing orbs and ghostly silhouettes on camera here frequently. The Huguenot Cemetery dates back to 1821 when the city needed a burial ground for those who were not Catholic. This place of rest is considered a hotbed of paranormal activity.  

5. St. Augustine Lighthouse: The 1874 St. Augustine Lighthouse tower has been featured on “Ghost Hunters” and is known for paranormal activity and spooky tales. Some say they still see lighthouse keeper Mr. Andreu, who fell to his death while painting the tower in 1859. 

You can hit most of these places in one night with the help of Ghosts & Gravestones tour. You can also do a walking tour with other tour guides. 

For more information, click here

This Popular Estate In Georgia Is A Perfect Destination For A Creepy Paranormal Scare

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Scott Farrar legendaryevents

There is something so charming about old antebellum homes in Georgia. Their quaint and historic beauty remind us of the sweet old south, but when the homes are swarming with spirits and the supernatural, they suddenly aren’t so sweet anymore. But that’s ok because it’s Halloween season and it’s time to get spooked at Georgia’s many supernatural hot spots, including this haunted Atlanta estate with ghosts roaming the halls.

The Estate, originally known as the Pope-Walton Home is now an event venue hidden on Piedmont Road in Atlanta. The home was built in 1797 in Washington, Georgia leaving it plenty of time to manifest spirits of past dwellers. In the 1960s, the establishment was taken apart, brick-by-brick, and reassembled in Buckhead where is stands today.

Before it was an event venue and after it was a private residence, it was home to Anthony’s Fine Dining. Enough employees and visitors have reported seeing silhouttes on the staircases, hearing strange sounds and voices coming from the cellar and experiencing flickering lights, that it’s difficult to argue that there aren’t spirits who still call The Estate their home. Perhaps the paranormal are angry that the original home was taken from them and relocated.

There have been reports of otherworldly mayhem including sights of a full-body apparition near the staircase, the sound of children playing and laughing and inexplicable cold sensations. Some say they have seen the ghost of a woman hanging herself from a tree in the front yard. 

Ghost Hounds paranormal hunters set up shop in the estate to detect supernatural activity and their results are more than chilling (literally). Their temperature device recorded an area as 66 degrees and within moments, the temperature jumped all the way up to 77 degrees. This indicates that a spirit may have been face-to-face with you for a minute. Their EVP devices also recorded voices saying things like “Turn it off.”

The Estate is a great spot for brunches, showers, corporate gatherings and even weddings, but it also has an antique shop so you can visit at your leisure (that is, if you’re in the mood to encounter otherworldy beings).

Take the elevator up to explore the creaky, narrow halls filled with many rooms and we can almost guarantee you will feel a presence.

For more supernatural excitement in Georgia, check out this haunted hotel that is home to the ghost of a murdered maid or explore this optical illusion of mysterious concrete structures.

The Estate

Price: Free!

Address: 3109 Piedmont Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30305

Why You Need To Go: To get a literal feel for the rich history of this haunted antebellum home that is full of paranormal activity


Haunted Hotel in Americus, GA

I’ve actually stayed there. Yes, on the third floor.

The spirits of past centuries dwell in historic homes and buildings throughout Georgia. From abandoned homes, asylums, inns and hotels, there is no shortage of creepy paranormal activity in Georgia that you can experience yourself. One of the scariest spots to experience the supernatural is at this certified haunted Georgia hotel, which is home to a murdered maid and her daughter who roam the halls.

The Windsor Hotel in Americus, Georgia was built in 1892 as a luxurious accommodation for celebrities and all those looking to escape cold winters up North. The spooky Victorian-era structure with towers, balconies and an elegant three-story atrium still stands as a Best Western Hotel, tainted by a history of murder. 

In the early 1900s, hotel housekeeper Emily Mae was in a heated quarrel with her lover while her young daughter Emma stood by her side. As the argument reached a peak of rage, Emily’s lover pushed her and her daughter down the elevator shaft where they fell three stories to their gruesome deaths.

According to countless visitors and employees, the loss of their physical beings are gone, but their spirits still remain. The third floor is where most of the spiritual action takes place.

It is rumored that you can feel Emma’s presence and hear her footsteps and whispers on the third floor hallway. Legend has it that you’ll also see the reflection of a woman in a long black dress in the third floor mirror.

Guests also report pots and plans flying off tables and lights mysteriously turning on and off. The spirits are so active that paranormal investigators have named The Windsor Hotel a certified haunted establishment.

Emily and Emma aren’t the only paranormal dwellers in the hotel; they are accompanied by former elevator and door man, Floyd Lowery, who is apparently still good at doing his job.

If you are brave enough to spend the night with these three spooky spirits, you can book your stay at your own risk. If that seems a little much for your soul to handle, you can take a haunted tour instead, where you can explore parts of the hotel not accessible to the public.

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The Windsor Hotel

Price: Free!

Address: 125 W Lamar St, Americus, GA 31709

Why You Need To Go: To get guaranteed spooked by the company of murdered spirits at this certified haunted hotel.


Sunnyvale, CA Toys R Us now a Spirit Halloween Store

A “haunted” Toys ‘R’ Us in Sunnyvale rises from the dead as a Spirit Halloween store, the Chronicle has an excellent deep dive into Census and historical records of the 19th century people whose ghosts reportedly still roam the aisles.

There is currently only one in Spirit Halloween store in San Francisco, so you’ll have to shlep over to West Portal for your sexy Mister Rogers or sexy Ruth Bader Ginsburg costumes. Instead, consider going all the way to down to Sunnyvale, where a Spirit store at 130 East El Camino Real possesses the building that was a Toys ‘R’ Us until that company’s 2018 bankruptcy. Why go all the way down the South Bay? Because the place is haunted, which Snopes absolutely confirms by marking the claim as “Legend.”  As the spooky season this way comes, the Chronicle digs up all manner of dead people’s stories to explain the haunted Toys ‘R’ Us, which was featured on the early 80s television show That’s Incredible!

It’s unclear what year That’s Incredible! originally broadcast the above segment (the show ran from 1980-1984), but a production team held “their own incredible seance” after business hours and the undisputable paranormal scientific results speak for themselves. Psychic Sylvia Browne explains how “a lot of professional camera people” “actually caught” the ghost, and she has a “psychic sense” that the ghost was a nomadic preacher named Jan “Johnny” Johnson.

If you need any more proof of Browne’s impeccable psychic credentials, co-host John Davidson notes the show has “several letters on file from medical doctors and professors attesting to Sylvia Browne’s psychic ability.” He provides no further evidence, as clearly none is needed. Browne then manages to make contact with “Johnny,” speaking aloud to a ghost that no one else can see or hear, proving beyond all reasonable doubt that the Toys ‘R’ Us is definitely haunted, case closed.

The Chronicle looked in to historical records about this Jan “Johnny” Johnson, who as legend has it was a jilted suitor of a certain Elizabeth Murphy. They found that according to Census records, Johnny never existed.  Elizabeth Murphy definitely existed, but she died in 1875, completely contradicting the alleged timeline. Elizabeth and her husband William were gifted the entire 3,000 acres we now call Los Altos Hills as a wedding gift, and some workers did die on-site in various accidents.  Elizabeth and William also both died young, and one of their sons did die in childhood. So whoever this definitely real ghost is, it’s likely one of them.

Snopes’ completely unsourced reporting on the haunted Toys ‘R’Us describes toys and books flying off shelves, unexplained cold breezes indoors, and swings moving on their own. They also quote a store director who says, “It’s very good publicity for us,” and that “Teenagers beg us to let them spend the night on the floor.”

The same store manager mentions that “I have employees who will not go into the women’s bathroom alone,” because “Johnny” would follow them and turn on the faucets. So it sounds like this Spirit store needs to start selling “sexy Johnny the Ghost” costumes.