10 Spooky TikTok Channels


10 Spooky Paranormal Channels to Follow on Tiktok

I don’t have TikTok but my daughter does….

Everyone now and then desires a little scare, and following these 10 spooky paranormal channels on Tiktok will guarantee just that.

Everyone now and then desires a little scare, a peek through the veil, or perhaps a little more information or education considering the paranormal and ghostly. While Youtube’s endless database of spooky and scary videos is always reliable to provide every type of rabbit hole to go down, TikTok can be counted on to lend the juiciest, bite-sized entertainment and frights.


Missy_Mcstein is a harbinger of paranormal voices. Using a small spirit box, she asks the spirit realm questions to record and interpret their answers. Often she asks profound, specific, or insightful questions, such as “Does anyone have a message of the day today?”

Usually, she receives scattered or faint messages, making it all the more interesting for viewers to piece together and interpret the beings coming through the device. The creator also provides information about talking and dealing with the spirit.


Fun and thoughtless content for any user’s wandering brain craving the creepy, scary, and silly, HAUNTING FACTS brings a myriad of videos from the Internet.

This is the perfect channel to look to if users are searching for all sorts of content to creep them out, whether it’s real videos of the strange or dangerous to disturbing-looking shorts, monsters, and ghouls for the perfect midnight jump-scare. They have plenty of content with a great variety and post often on their channel.


This Youtuber has also made some of their content available on TikTok, namely exciting teasers. This creator traverses different strange and paranormal hotspots, as well as educates about them.

Some locations they visited have been namely abandoned places. They also talk about subjects such as famous haunted homes, haunted Air BnB’s, and so forth. The well-shot content and personal involvement of the creators’ personalities make for more immersive exploring and ghosting hunting videos.


This witchy LGBTQ+ business owner is a friendly and helpful outlet in which to discover and learn more about the paranormal and how to process it.

Accented by plants in the background of their videos, Zak chats about different spooky stories concerning the spirits in a manner that is inviting and chill, perfect for those looking into ghostly things while not having to be scared or put in an intense mood to take in.


Haunted Awakening differs from many other entries and creators on ParanormalTok by their confrontational ghost haunting. They explore and travel haunted and/or abandoned sites and attempt to communicate with the dead through spirit boxes.

Believe the spirit boxes or not, the setup is entertaining with appealing production and addictive content, like a more to-the-point Ghost Adventures.


Michael is a paranormal investigator who has fun talking about all things beyond the grave. He talks about topics such as ghost hunter jokes. He reviews ghost videos, types of ghosts, and fake paranormal activity.

His forward, humorous, and friendly demeanor makes for easy and entertaining watching while allowing some room for scares when viewing spirits themselves.


Hauntings of Ohio is a Youtube channel as well. The creators organize their content of ghost hauntings and paranormal investigations by identifying the locations of which they are visiting. They use communication devices to talk with the dead, increasing the tension and intrigue as the humorous group explores the areas.

Their personalities and production standards, including narration and editing, help the viewer experience the creepiness vicariously.


Rebekah is a kind, fun, and factual host who is happy to share her knowledge regarding the paranormal. She talks calmly about spooky and paranormal things, whether it’s analyzing others’ ghost videos, responding to questions such as how to open one’s third eye, and reporting on types of ghosts.

Her content is informational and perfect for those who might want to get creeped out and learn more about spirit and how to cope with the unknown.


The perfect channel for creepy bite-sized storytelling, Olivia Snake reports entertaining subjects such as the most haunted places, cults, mysteries, and true crime.

Her approachable mannerisms and concise writing and editing make her an essential follow for those who want to be versed in all things strange in the world. She always makes sure to pull up receipts, pictures, and evidence as part of her research.


This TikToker would massively appeal to people who enjoy Chills-esque content. His content covers various strange, disturbing, interesting, and scary stories, all of which are reportedly real-life stories.

His simple yet informative editing and light tone match perfectly with the often dark subject matter, making this a great channel to look into for those who want stories about creepy stuff more likely to happen in real life.

Haunted House in TX

I swore I had seen the grandfather clock footage elsewhere so nearly skipped this video, but the rest is new to me. Very interesting.


Ghosts and paranormal activity have always fascinated me. My family was very open to the idea of spirits living among us because of some things that have happened to family members over the years. Once you see or feel something, life is never the same. You realize that there is more to our reality than what we can see.

I’ll share my stories later, first I want to introduce you to Tammy Gyarmathy. Like me, she and her family have a history of paranormal activity.  She herself believes she has a gift, or curse, however you want to look at it. Here is her schilling and at times terrifying story

…I have seen spirit since I was 5, realized I was sensitive when I was 12. My family and I went to look at a home and I walked in the house and automatically felt an energy there told my parents I didn’t want to live there because it was haunted they dismissed me and we moved in the first week we were eating dinner my room was kitty-corner to the dining room and my stereo turned on by itself it started changing CDs as well.. I sat down after turning it off and said I told you so.. then the tv turned on by itself …. that house was extremely active and I lived in fear until I was about 16 when I started to do research and learn about spirits… then I became super intrigued and started investigating at the age of 20. All the women on my mom’s side of the family have the gift my grandma had nine sisters and all of them and their daughters are gifted … my great-grandma was a witch of sorts… she did tarot and spells… since the house when I was 12 all my homes have been active … I’ve had an attachment since I was young.. we think it’s some sort of generational curse or bloodline thing.. my last two homes have been extremely active with things moving on their own, shadow figures, full-bodied apparitions, doppelgängers, being attacked, and the list goes on. In my career of investigating I have done all sorts of residential cases that go from residual haunting to demonic hauntings, I have investigated historical locations from the states to the catacombs in Prague. I have been on Ghost AdventuresParanormal Caught On Camera and The Osbournes Want to Believe.

Tammy Gyarmathy, is from Texas, and she’s getting ready to make a documentary about her incredible life with spirits, ghosts, and paranormal activity. Here are some of her clips of the activity caught on camera for her upcoming film. I took the clips and edited them together. First, the original clip and then the same clip slowed down and zoomed in.

The videos gave me the chills, especially the doll and the grandfather clock. I think of Tammy living her whole life dealing with paranormal activity and it makes me shudder. It must have been so difficult for her and her entire family.

For my family, it was my grandfather and me. As a boy, he had a sense of when someone was going to die. It must have been so scary for him to see and know the things he did. He was told, understandably to keep his thought to himself.

I, similar to my grandfather, get vibes from people. My connection to others doesn’t involve death. I just know things about them that I shouldn’t. I feel what they feel and I absorb their emotions. I never see anything, I only hear music or faint voices, and feel the energy, even spirit, and ghost energy.

My husband likes to test it when we go to places that are historic or haunted. He will move me ahead of the group so I can see if I feel anything in the rooms. Once the tour guide and the group catch up, we listen to the story and see if I got it right. Eerily, I usually do.

Because of my own experiences, I am very interested in the paranormal experiences of others. I will keep you posted on Tammy’s documentary. I can’t wait to see it.

Stay in the Haunted Hill House


Here’s a very throughout hour-and-a-half-long investigation video from Paranormal Files to whet your appetite for the spookiness you’re sure to encounter in Mineral Wells.

Texas is home to one of the most famous haunted houses of all time, the Haunted Hill House in Mineral Wells. Several paranormal investigation shows have visited the house, including the Paranormal Files and Jack Osbourne’s Fright Club. The son of the Prince of Darkness himself described his experience with Hill House as”the most sinister location we visited.”

Now you can stay overnight, or even book an all-inclusive wedding at Hill House.

What makes Hill House so haunted? From the website:

The House has direct ties to the Baker Hotel and was a Brothel supplying working girls and bootleg for the Baker at one point. Several Deaths in the house happened during this time.The house is reported to be inhabited by 9 spirits. We have intelligent haunting, residual haunting and visitations from the Baker Hotel.

One of the nine spirits is particularly chilling: a disfigured young boy of about six who was the son of a prostitute that worked there. Previous owners are said to have died in the house from the flu or falls.

Beyond possibly seeing a spirit, people have reported seeing objects move, experiencing nausea and headaches and even being scratched or bitten. I’m not sure what kind of infection you might get from a ghost bite, but I’m not interested in finding out.

Are you ready to head to Mineral Wells to try your own investigation or to simply prove you’re brave enough to spend the night? Overnight rentals are available starting at $400 for weeknights and $500 for weekends, with a $200 deposit in case you freak out and pee on the rug or something. If that sounds steep, remember the rental accommodates up to 10 people, which makes it sound like a really fun group vacation to me. Or a really terrifying one.

In addition to overnight stays, you can book a birthday party, which includes a cake and gift. Is the cake haunted? Guess you’ll have to bite into it to find out. There’s also a wedding package which includes the minister and catering. You can even book add-ons like a tarot reading, which seems totally worth it.

Univ of Wisconsin Oshkosh

It seems there are some uninvited residents lurking throughout Horizon Village, a residence hall on the UW Oshkosh campus, as stories of ghosts and spirits have begun to spread around campus.

Horizon, being only about 11 years old, is a newer building compared to most on campus, but this doesn’t make it resistant to hauntings.

In fact, sophomore Alyssa Hagen and her roommates have all recently experienced what they believe to be a ghostly presence haunting their suite and those around them.

“I live on the 5th floor, no one is above us and it sounds like someone is running on the roof,” Hagen said. “There’s a lot of weird banging that happens too.”

While it is normal to hear lots of noises with students going in and out of rooms, hearing unusual noises from the roof at the top floor is certainly strange.

Even though these occurrences can be easily chalked up to nothing more than common noises, Hagen goes on to state happenings that cannot be explained by logic alone.

“One night we heard our neighbors screaming and running out; turns out they had heard banging and banged back,” Hagen said. “Their laundry basket and desk chair moved immediately after they did so.”

All these strange events led Hagen to do some research to find an explanation for what was going on, but instead, she found some very disturbing information.

“One girl died from a heart attack in the dorm before Horizon Village,” Hagen said. “Three girls were buried underneath the dorms that used to be here before Horizon was built.”

It is true that Sarah Jaburek, a 20-year-old student at UWO, was tragically found dead in Nelson Hall in 2003 as a result of heart complications. However, it is unknown whether or not the second part of Hagen’s statement is true.

Some may assume that just because there is only one source, the stories could be false, but another student from the other side of the building is experiencing the same paranormal activity.

Sophomore Hannah Gilbert, who lives down the hall, gave her perspective on the supposed hauntings happening throughout the building.

“One day, I was alone in the dorm and I went to put something in the living room,” Gilbert said. “I saw a female on my couch, sitting with her legs crossed. Her hair was sort of see through.”

This wasn’t the only time Gilbert and her roommates encountered a spirit.

“Another night, I looked down the hallway and saw a dark, tall figure standing at the end,” Gilbert said. “My roommate Allyson saw me freak out and started crying because she had fear.”

The girls also experienced doors slamming, sinks turning on and off and door handles turning back and forth at early hours in the morning.

This is not the first time rumors of hauntings in residence halls have circulated around campus.

In fact, a Tumblr account exists called “uwoghosts,” which features reports dating back to 2018 regarding the paranormal activity occurring in Evans Hall.

On Feb. 25, 2018 at 12:35 a.m., UWO student Ethan reported on Tumblr: “We heard a noise which sounded like a chair being dragged across the floor in room 420 so we ran up to check it out. There was nobody upstairs and there was nobody in the bathroom. We left and headed back down the stairs. Down the first half of the stairs, we heard a bang, as though something had been dropped. We ran right back on up, but again, found nothing.”

Jocelyn Hart, a UWO alumna, also discussed her experience with a dark presence in Fletcher Hall in an earlier Advance-Titan article from 2015.

Hart and her freshman roommate said that after learning that no one had stayed in their room for seven years prior to them, they started hearing noises in the night and could feel a physical presence around them.

“When we started recording at night, 3 a.m. is when you could hear pencils moving on our desks and the plastic from our groceries rustling,” Hart said. “There was even a clip of the sound of nails being dragged across our desk.”

It wasn’t long before the two roommates decided that they needed to take action.

“Eventually, it got to a point where we didn’t feel safe in our room because we caught a clip of the spirit watching us while we slept,” Hart said. “It was sitting at my roommate’s desk and, unlike a normal shadow that goes away when the lights turn on, it slowly disappeared as if it was dissolving.”

After moving out of her freshman dorm with her roommate, Hart said, “I 100% believe there are presences on campus. My Community Advisor freshman year was telling us how I’m not the only one who has claimed to have experiences on campus and that she had heard things herself when the dorms are empty over breaks.”

Though these students’ claims and encounters from both past and present perspectives cannot directly prove there are ghosts haunting the dorms of Horizon, it leads one to wonder if something supernatural may be lurking throughout the building.

The residence halls may or may not be haunted, but these stories will definitely put you on edge the next time you find yourself alone in the dark halls of Horizon.

“Why can’t I die?”

Love Reddit.


In the clip, uploaded on Reddit by user u/NAHDOGFOREAL on March 31, they show an empty kitchen being filmed in black and white by a Wyze camera.

A disembodied voice then appears to say: “Why can’t I die?”

In the caption, the user said there was a “spirit haunting my co-worker’s kitchen” and he also commented she had been showing him videos of “orbs” and things “knocked over”.

The creepy footage has been up-voted more than 900 times on the paranormal forum and many believers were worried about the “spirit”

One person wrote: “Please get that spirit a medium to help it cross over asap.”

A second user said: “If this is real, it saddens me. Get help for the poor soul, maybe it’s trapped.”

Even more ominously, other people reckoned the voice was saying “why can’t they die” rather than “why can’t I die”.

One user said: “‘Why can’t they die?’ is what I hear and that’s f****** terrifying.”

“Agree. I hear ‘they’, which is worse,” said another.

Meanwhile, sceptics reckoned there was no truth in the video at all and pointed out it would be very easy to fake the noise.

“There’s no context here at all and this comes across as highly fake,” wrote one.

Another person wrote: “Also, a lot of these security cameras have a two-way speaker in it.

“Someone could have hacked their cams (very common) and piped in audio to disturb the owners.”

Speaking with the spirit of Ed Gein

Why you would want to do that is beyond me but I’m guessing he’s about to rich AF from it. There are a lot of pictures so you may want to click the link.


Paranormal investigator claims to communicate with the SPIRIT of serial killer Ed Gein who ‘speaks’ about the ‘skin suit’ he made from corpses which inspired Silence of the Lambs and Psycho

  • Steve Shippy, a paranormal investigator and documentary filmmaker, claims he successfully talked with the dead serial killer’s spirit
  • The two-hour Discovery+ special titled Ed Gein: The Real Psycho that airs Friday
  • Gein, who was known as the Butcher of Plainfield and the Plainfield Ghoul, was a murderer and body snatcher who exhumed corpses from graveyards 
  • A haul of grisly human trophies were found at his home in 1957
  • In the documentary, Shippy partners with psychic medium Cindy Kaza to question Gein and his mom, Augusta Wilhelmine Gein, about their relationship 
  •  Gein’s life has inspired a number of horror characters including Norman Bates from Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho and Buffalo Bill in the Silence of the Lambs


A paranormal investigator claims to have communicated with the spirit of Ed Gein in a new documentary about the serial killer who inspired Silence of the Lambs and Psycho.

Steve Shippy, a paranormal investigator and documentary filmmaker, claims he successfully talked with the dead serial killer’s spirit in a two-hour Discovery+ special titled Ed Gein: The Real Psycho that airs on Friday.

Gein, who was known as the Butcher of Plainfield and the Plainfield Ghoul, was a murderer and body snatcher who exhumed corpses from graveyards to make a ‘skin suit’ from the bones and skin of the dead.

He told police after his arrest in 1957 that he used the skin suit to ‘become’ his dead mother.  

Gein’s life has inspired a number of horror characters including Norman Bates from Alfred Hitchcock’s classic film Psycho, Leatherface in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Buffalo Bill in the Silence of the Lambs. 

In the documentary, Shippy partners with psychic medium Cindy Kaza to question Gein and his mother, Augusta Wilhelmine Gein, about their relationship, Daily Beast reported.

Serial killer Ed Gein is escorted from the Wisconsin State Crime Laboratory to the county jail after confessing to two murders

Serial killer Ed Gein is escorted from the Wisconsin State Crime Laboratory to the county jail after confessing to two murders

The documentary is an installment of the hit Shock Docs franchise and is the first time cameras have been allowed on the Gein property ‘where the gruesome evidence was first discovered.’

Shippy and Kaza then ‘question’ the Geins about their relationship, Daily Beast reported.

‘Put on the suit,’ Shippy claims Gein says during the paranormal encounter.

Shippy asks Gein if he is referring to his infamous ‘skin suit.’

‘Yeah,’ the serious killer’s spirit allegedly responds in the documentary.

At the end of the ‘interview,’ Shippy says: ‘This kind of evidence is unheard of.’

During some point in the documentary, Kaza ‘almost seems stung’ when Gein’s mother allegedly calls her a witch, Den of Geek reported.

‘Tapping into the energy of Ed Gein as he was alive, and dead, will haunt me for the rest of my life,’ Kaza said in the press release, which referred to her as a ‘world-renowned psychic medium.’ 

Gein allegedly tells the investigators to ‘put on the suit’ – referring to the skin suit he made from human flesh – in creepy words caught on the investigators’ radio

Shippy and Kaza visited a number of locations in Gein’s hometown of Plainfield, Wisconsin, to find ‘the most haunted locations connected to the infamous killer’ and if he committed his heinous crimes while under his mother’s spell.

In one scene, a man alleges that his animals and family members died after he bought a knife belonging to Gein, The Sun reported.

‘People think this area is haunted. They see shadows where they shoudn’t be. They hear screaming and wailing, mostly female,’ a local historian Dave Bignell tells Shippy.

The investigators use a variety of high-tech ghost hunting equipment during their research. The documentary uses some archival media but relies heavily on dramatic recreations.

‘You’d think that having 20 years of experience investigating the paranormal would have prepared me for taking on this case,’ Shippy said in a news release. 

Gein is pictured on his 160-acre farm after discovery of the mutilated and headless body of a 58-year-old woman and ten skulls on his property

Smoldering ruins show all that remains of the House of Horrors after a fire of undetermined cause destroyed the two story home of confessed killer Ed Gein, who shocked the nation when human remains were found in it, the house was to be auctioned and police suspected arson

Gein’s father died of heart failure on April 1, 1940 so he and his brother Henry started taking jobs around town to help bring money into the family, including babysitting for local families.

Henry Gein died on May 16, 1944, as the brothers performed controlled burns on their farm, which got out of control and required the fire department to be put out.

At the time, it was believed that Henry Gein had died from heart failure as he was not burned during the fire. However, investigators more than a decade later questioned Gein about his brother’s death.

Dr. George W. Arndt, a psychiatrist who worked with the Wisconsin Board of Corrections, studied the case and wrote that, in retrospect, it was ‘possible and likely’ that Gein killed Henry and was ‘the ‘Cain and Abel’ aspect of this case.’

After Henry’s death, Augusta had a paralyzing stroke and Gein, the ‘town fool,’ was tasked with taking care of her as her health quickly deteriorated. She died on December 29, 1945.

Gein was devastated by his abusive mother’s death and felt like he had ‘lost his only friend and one true love,’ biographer Harold Schechter noted.

He continued to live and work on the farm but boarded up his mother’s rooms while the rest of the home fell to ruin.

View of a room in the home of murderer and body snatcher Ed Gein in Wisconsin in late November 1957. Gein had closed off the room, along with several others, when his mother died 12 years earlier, while he lived in squalid conditions in other rooms

Gein started to become fascinated with the concepts of cannibalism and began visiting local cemeteries in just two years after her death to start his 10-year grave robbing spree, according to a biography by Judge Robert H. Gollmar – who presided at Gein’s trial.

Despite all of his notoriety as a serial killer, Gein has only been confirmed to have murdered two victims while robbing the graves and desecrating the bodies of nine others.

Gein’s first victim, tavern owner Mary Hogan, was killed in 1954 – nearly 10 years after the death of his mother.

Nobody linked Gein to her disappearance when she vanished from work leaving nothing but blood at the scene. 

The second murder victim, Bernice Worden, owned a hardware store in Plainfield and disappeared on the morning of November 16, 1957. Her son Frank Worden, a deputy with the local sheriff’s office, found the store’s cash register open and blood stains on the floor around

Edward Gein, owner of Plainfield, Wisconsin farm where butchered body of Bernice Worden was discovered hanging in a shed, is shown as he was taken to the state crime laboratory to face a lie detector test

Worden told investigators that Gein had stopped by the store the night before and said he would return that morning for a gallon of antifreeze – the last receipt Worden wrote on the morning she disappeared. 

The deputy told investigators he believed Gein was behind the murder of his mother, a widow, because he had been asking her to go roller skating with him, according to the 1998 biography Obsession. 

Gein was just leaving a neighbor’s house after being invited to dinner when police approached him, and he implicated himself by insisting he had nothing to do with Bernice Worden’s death – even though no one had informed him the woman was dead.

Gein was arrested that evening while the Waushara County Sheriff’s Department searched his farm and found the woman’s decapitated body in his shed.

A crowd of about 2,000 persons took advantage of sunny skies to watch the auction on March 30, 1958 of the Ed Gein farm. The highest bidder for the land and charred ruins of the House of Horrors was Enden Schey a Wisconsin real estate broker who said he planned to put the entire 195 acres into pine for timber and pulpwood production

Inside the house, officers found human skulls attached to the posts of Gein’s bed and Worden’s heart in a saucepan on the stove.

Cops also found a trash can made of human skin, human skin covering several chair seats, bowls made from human skulls, a corset made from a female torso and leggings made from human leg skin.

Other items included the genitals of nine women in a shoe box, masks made from the skin of female heads, Mary Hogan’s face in a paper bag and her skull in a box, a belt made from female human nipples, and a lampshade made from the skin of a human face.

Despite the filth and horror in most of the farmhouse, however, authorities discovered a blocked-off, dusty yet tidy area: Augusta’s bedroom, which had been kept by Gein as a virtual shrine to his dead mother. 

The amount of human trophies found in Gein’s home seemed to indicate that he had killed far more people than just Worden and Hogan. He admitted to both of these murders, though he claimed each was accidental. 

Gein insisted he had not killed any other women, and instead studied death notices so he could engage in grave robbing.

He told investigators that he made as many as 40 grave robbing trips in the middle of the night to exhume recently buried bodies of middle-aged women he thought looked like his mom.

Gein provided investigators with a list of graves he had dug up – and they were found to be either empty or containing mutilated remains. 

Despite admitted to killing Hogan and Worden after his arrest in 1957, Gein was initially found unfit to stand trial. 

He was sent to a mental health facility and was judged fit to stand trial in 1968, and was later found guilty of murdering Worden.

However, he was also found legally insane and returned to the psychiatric institution. 

He died at Mendota Mental Health Institute of respiratory failure on July 26, 1984.

Mattapoisett Town Hall ghost


A haunting tale: What this clerk has to say about the Mattapoisett Town Hall ghost

Seth ChitwoodStandard-Times

MATTAPOISETT — A town hall is peopled by clerks, accountants, coordinators and other municipal employees. Mattapoisett Town Hall also has a prankster poltergeist named Abner, employees claim.

“I know I sound like a crazy person here, man,” said Barbara Gaspar, who worked as an assistant clerk at the Mattapoisett Town Hall for decades. “But you know, that’s OK. Sometimes I think I’m crazy.”

The Mattapoisett Town Hall is supposedly haunted by a former town clerk from the 1930s named Abner Harlow.

Gaspar, who has a history of seeing spirits since she was a child, says she immediately sensed a male spirit when she first entered the building. “I knew he was there.”

Gaspar is convinced it’s Abner Harlow, a town clerk from 1912-1917 and 1924-1946. According to Gaspar, Harlow was known for being very disorganized. Thus, she says, he likes to play practical jokes on the staff.

A photo of Abner Harlow in 1939.

“We would get things done in the office and go back the next day and not be able to find it,” she said. “Sometimes they would show up, sometimes they would not.

“If you were working there at night, you could hear him moving upstairs, even though you knew you were alone in the building,” Gaspar said.

Confirming the ghost story

Mattapoisett Town Clerk Catherine Heuberger confirms Gaspar’s story. “I’d be in the bathroom and you swear that you hear someone,” she said. “It sounds like someone came in the front door and that they were walking down the hall or whatever. Then you come out and there’s like nobody there.”

The stairs in the Mattapoisett Town Hall leading to the second floor. Staff members at town hall say they can hear someone walking around on the second floor at night.

Heuberger says that’s about the extent of her run-ins with Abner. However, her only other unexplainable story is when a shelving unit filled with supplies that’s meant to hold up to 200 pounds mysteriously collapsed one morning.

“It looked to me like someone picked everything up and just tossed it,” Heuberger said. “I’ve always wondered.”

Gaspar has that story beat

She remembers in 2004, preparing all the absentee ballot envelopes filled out and ready to be mailed. The staff put them in the vault and came back the next day to discover they were gone. “Several people saw us do that and to the best of my knowledge, they have not turned up since.”

She said they were forced to do it all over again and when they put the box in the vault a second time, Gaspar wrote on the box: “Abner, these are important. Please do not touch them.” And they were thankfully there the next day.

Barbara Gaspar said she and her staff put absentee ballots in this vault only to discover them missing the next morning.

“He’s not obnoxious or would do anything major. He didn’t attack anybody. He was a good guy,” she said. “I often would talk to him if I was there alone because I’d say, ‘OK, don’t startle me. I’m here alone. I know you’re here. We both have to work here.’ And for the most part that worked.”

Some call her the ghost lady

Gaspar was born in New Bedford and grew up in Fairhaven. “When I was four and a half, my father passed away, and I’ve been seeing him since,” she said.

She remembers living at her grandparents’ house and knowing it was haunted. “I kind of grew up knowing that these things existed, and never feeling like it was odd or strange, or I should be afraid of them.”

Babrara Gaspar worked as an assistant clerk at the Mattapoisett Town Hall for decades, said she immediately sensed a male spirit when she first entered the building.

Gaspar graduated from Bridgewater State with a major in secondary education with a concentration in history into social sciences.

She worked as a substitute at the Old Rochester Regional High School and came to be referred to as the “ghost lady.”

“I would make a deal with the class, if they did the work they were supposed to do, I would stop the class 10 or 15 minutes early and tell them some true ghost stories. And they loved it,” she said.

Heuberger confirms this firsthand.

“She was actually my Girl Scout leader,” Heuberger said. “She taught me a lot and basically took me away for my first overnight trip with a bunch of girls.”

On their first camping trip, Heuberger remembers Gaspar told ghost stories around the campfire. “She scared the bejesus out of me,” she admitted.

Barbara Gaspar looks at the names of honored veterans in front of the Mattapoisett Town Hall.

“That’s always been her thing, though, but I’ve questioned whether she should have told me that when I was in the fourth grade. I was pretty scared,” she jokingly added.

Gaspar is now working as a freelance seamstress. She has helped with costuming for a few high school drama clubs including the Rhode Island School of the Deaf’s drama group.

“That was my first love. That was a blessing that was given to me. And, you know, I feel like I have to do it,” she said.

A wall in the attic of the Mattapoisett Town Hall has writing from when the kids used to perform on the stage in the 1960s.

“Seamstresses are very hard to find right now and the prices are astronomical,” she said. “I just do the little things that I can and I do it for a very, very reasonable price for people.”

Gaspar has been living in Mattapoisett with her husband for the past 48 years and they are about to celebrate their 50th anniversary.

Inviting the ghost hunters

Gaspar wishes that the New England Ghost Hunters could do an overnight at town hall to experience Abner. She said she asked the former administrator for permission and he thought she was nuts. She hasn’t yet asked the new administrator Michael Lorenco, because he started in March 2020 — the first day of the COVID-19 lockdowns.

“He’s working hard to make the community safe for COVID-19,” she said. “I didn’t want to lay a ghost on him at that point.” 

She said she did work with the New England Ghost Hunters, several years ago, when they did an overnight at the Mattapoisett Library, which is also rumored to be haunted.

Mattapoisett Town Hall on Main Road is reportedly haunted by the spirit of Abner Harlow, a town clerk in the 1930s.

Gaspar said that there was a big debate in the town about adding a new addition onto the library because they didn’t have enough money and felt like it should go toward school repairs.

The former library director, Judy Wallace, worked hard to get donations and support to get the new addition approved by selectmen. Unfortunately, she diedy right after the new additions were built.

Gaspar said when she was with the ghost hunters, in that section of the library, one of them asked why there were so many people against it and the spirit box printed out several dollar and cent icons.

“I mean, you know, not everybody believes,” Gaspar said. “I would like to have the New England Ghost Hunters come in and do it.”

Abner Harlow retired at the age of 83 after serving as the Mattapoisett Town Clerk for decades.

How to handle Abner

A few people currently working in the town hall, but who asked to remain anonymous, said they were aware there was “potentially” a ghost amongst them. One employee confirmed they’ve heard footsteps over their head from the second floor, despite knowing they were the only ones in the building.

Gaspar’s best advice for handling Abner is to just acknowledge and respect his presence. That seems to work. She recalls a past administrator not taking Abner seriously and calling the story a joke.

A photo of Abner Harlow, right, in Mattapoisett.

The next morning, she came in to discover everything on her desk was strewn on the floor and her coffee cup was set up like somebody had tea.

“But after that, she acknowledged him. And they didn’t argue anymore,” Gaspar said. “He doesn’t bother people who acknowledge him.”

Gaspar said that she still finds herself in town hall, occasionally. She has worked on elections or to fill in for someone who is absent. “I know he’s there. He has not left,” she said.

“I know it sounds crazy,” she said again. “But I’ve wondered if that’s one of the reasons why I’m so open to them.”

FL: Selling a haunted jail

If you want to watch the YouTube walk through, click the link


Historic Florida jail for sale — and it might be haunted

April 18, 2021 at 9:56 am CDTBy Bob D’Angelo, Cox Media Group National Content Desk

TRENTON, Fla. — A historic Florida jail is for sale. And it could even be haunted.

The old Gilchrist County Jail is on the block. The jail, which opened in 1928, was inhabited for 40 years, The Gainesville Sun reported.

“I’d have to say this is one of the more unique ones that I’ve ever seen,” the listing agent for the property, Matt Perry, told Realtor.com. “It doesn’t get much weirder than this one.”

Gilchrist County was the last of Florida’s 67 counties to form, coming into existence in 1925. Three years later, the county jail opened. The asking price is $140,000, the Sun reported.

The jail is more than 2,000 square feet and contains eight cells and eight bathrooms, the newspaper reported. While the property surrounding the jail is rundown, the inside of the facility is remarkably well-preserved. It still has its original cell doors, bunks and bath fixtures, according to the Sun.

There is running water, too. But there is no electricity, which could make for some stifling days in the north-central Florida sun during the summer.

Arlene Hale, 73, said her husband bought her the jail as a birthday present a dozen years ago, The Associated Press reported. He paid $30,000 for it.

Hale told the Sun that she and other paranormal fans have used the jail to talk with spirits they believe still haunt the facility. According to Hale, inmates and the ghost of a man found murdered at the jail in 2008 are the most common paranormal occurrences, the newspaper reported.

The jail has been called the most haunted building in Florida. Perry does not disagree.

“I’ve been there several times by myself,” Perry told Realtor.com. “I was obviously on high alert. I really just tried to be as professional as I can be, but I never experienced anything.”

Hale has reported instances of hearing unexplained voices, shadowy figures lurking in the building and the sensation of being touched, according to the Sun.

Hale said she still wants to continue paranormal activities at the jail but conceded it has become too difficult for her to maintain the building.

Perry said the moment the listing for the jail went live, the entire multiple listing service system (MLS) in nearby Gainesville went dead for a few hours. It was a spooky crash, Perry told Realtor.com.

“My little joke is that the only thing that the spirits have done so far is that they broke the MLS when I tried to bring it live,” Perry said.

Perry conceded that he was nervous about listing the property.

“I envisioned myself handcuffed and locked into a cell and being tortured by ghosts. That was probably the first thing I thought,” Perry told Realtor.com. “(But then) I started to realize there’s a buyer for everything. I became excited about the possibility of the reach that I could get and how exciting it was going to be to speak to people who had different ideas and different plans. It was a little scary at first, but it just became more and more exciting. Something I never thought I would be compelled by has compelled me.”